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stepheneyre 30 August 2007 20:11

want to look at a yamaha manual and a look at new 350hp 4 stroke
These manuals are "View Only." They cannot be printed.
Product Line Outboard Motors
Year 2006 or Later 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998
The World's first V8 5.3 liter four stroke outboard is redefining offshore power and reliability.
e new Yamaha PowerMatched™ System Limited Warranty - Yamaha reliability from stem to stern. Learn more.
yamaha’s new Command Link Digital Electronic Controls manage all F350 throttle and shift functions.
Learn more.


stephen eyre

jyasaki 03 September 2007 20:22

Ummm. Was there a point to this post that I missed?


codprawn 03 September 2007 20:52

I think the point was that any potential purchaser could look at the manual first - nice idea but they don't have the 350 manual on there yet!!!

stepheneyre 04 September 2007 06:03

the point of this post is if you have a yamaha u can c a manual
if you have a yamaha
2006 you can view the workshop manual and check the serial no of the engine (usefull if you are buying a 2006 model)
all yamaha workshop manuals are covered from 1998 to 2006
just follow the link and step1 and 2

if you have a fault with any yamaha you may check this manual first without going to a deailer and adding costs
i wanted to check the oil speck for my gear box, this ment i could get it cheeper than a main dealer.

engines covered are about 51 different models (i think this is the full range )

yes the new 350 hp manual is not there yet but as there not been out long this is going to be added later. (in uk later in year i think)

so JYASAKI, the point is if you have a yamaha engine you can look as a workshop manual for free and this may help you with a fault thought you would have noticed this
so this post helps everbody with a yamaha engine

stephen eyre

jyasaki 10 September 2007 11:49

Problem is that what you have there are owners manuals (you can tell from the front page, where it says "Owners Manual") and parts lists, not service manuals. The owners manual will be supplied with any new engine. The parts list, while handy, is not exactly a guide to disassembly/reassembly of you rmotor.

I have posted the link to this site quite a few times before for people asking about Yammies. Unfortunately, they do not have the service manual (aka workshop manual) available, except for purchase.

As Cod pointed out, you rmain thrust (the 350 owners manual available for perusal) was incorrect. The 350 manual is not there (though the 2-stroke 300's are.) The 350 specs and other performance info is available, but not the manual.

And, yes, I have a Yamaha F115. It came with the owners manual. I purchased the shop manual for it.


Roy Smith 14 September 2007 15:12

Went to the Southampton boat show to day
had a good look on and off water at this new 350 Yamaha
quite a beast but at £20,000 riged on the boat it should be.
the idea according to a yamaha man is that you wont need twin engines
and the cost of twin rigging fuel lines etc, so the next time you want
twin 150,s you can now have one 350.

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