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Draki 12 May 2003 12:41

Great Weather Site - www.metcheck.com
I wanted to let the forum know of a weather website I've been using for the last few weeks that I've found to be uncannily accurate.


They've been incredibly helpful in adding The Solent to the inshore waters section and also adding Beaufort Scale winds as well - within hours of me asking - INCREDIBLE service :cool:

They also have surfers forecasts for wave heights, etc that I'm some of us will find very useful!

I thought 'credit where credit is due' and and decided to post to this forum



gingercoastie 12 May 2003 12:50

Good site,

But don't forget you can call the coastguard and if you ask nicely we can tell you lots about the weather (we go on special courses), and contary to popular belief we do not bite and are not out to get everyone.

Pete7 12 May 2003 15:35

Looks like a sport afternoon this Wednesday then.

Good link thanks.


Mike B 11 June 2003 11:12

For those without Navtex but with a WAP enable mobile phone - (if you can get a signal).


Have the inshore forecast split by region and area. Very useful when out and about.

Powerboat 11 June 2003 19:26

Not sure if I gave this one out on this forum before .. Aplogies for the repetition if I did.

We have found this site to be one of the best we have come across especially for wind speed and direction. I know it looks like a handful of a url but if you cut and paste it into your favourites folder it is quite easy to access. Just change Dublin for your nearest town.

Best wishes,



Mike Garside 12 June 2003 01:48

Thanks, Stuart, that is a good one. A useful and easily understood short range forecaste that leads in nicely to the European Mid Term Forecaste and a check on the Met Office's Inshore Waters Forecaste.

I have made France my home page as it includes SW England and most of Biscay. Something to clock each day during the build up to the Spanish run I'm doing with Mark Wildey at the end of next week.

crazyhorse 12 June 2003 02:45

Have a great trip
Hi folks

Have a great trip Mike G and folks,Remember to bring some pici,s back.

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