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OLDSR4 06 July 2007 11:19

Advice wanted on buying used 50hp outboard.
Just got an old 4.2m searider and am going to see a late 80's 50hp longshaft Evinrude outboard over the weekend. I know just about nothing to do with outboard engines so is there anything I should be looking out for with this particular model or any outboard? Obviously I will need to see it running but any other tips or advice would be much appreciated.

Nos4r2 06 July 2007 11:33

Take a compression tester. Readings should be within 10% of each other.If they aren't then DONT buy it-it's buggered and won't run right on the water. Rebuilding will cost more than it's worth. Look at the spark plugs too.If the electrodes/ceramics look steam cleaned then run away. The crank seals will be blown. Again, more to rebuild than it's worth.

Undo the oil drain on the lower unit and make sure the oil is clear not milky. If it's milky don't buy it unless nearly free .Water will have emulsified with it and the gearbox won't last long. A rebuild will be expensive.

Also, print this off and take it with you to check the serial number with. It's very common for people to pass off engines from the early 70s as late 80s. If it's got an electric gearshift run like hell-it's pre 1973.

OLDSR4 06 July 2007 11:52

Excellent info cheers! Dont know if I will be able to get hold of a compression tester in time but will definately whip out the spark plugs and check them along with the condition of the gearbox oil. The guy has told me it comes with controls but should there also be any sort of steering assembly included to connect steering wires too? Ive seen steering kits on ebay but it seems to be just the steering hub and wheel with wires.

Nos4r2 06 July 2007 11:58

There won't be steering with it-and if there is it'll be a miracle if it fits your boat.

Nos4r2 06 July 2007 12:09

Have a look here too

OLDSR4 06 July 2007 12:25

All sounds a bit scarey! As its the only engine thats came close to my budget I'll go and see it but think I'll stick a lucky dip on the lotto tomorrow as well:-)

Chris 06 July 2007 15:32

Of all the things you need to check a comp test is really the most important you can get one from a car shop that just has a rubber fitting that seals intot he spark plug hole. That should be enough to give you an idea of whats going on.


Downhilldai 06 July 2007 15:43

What's your budget and how much is the Ermintrude up for?

OLDSR4 06 July 2007 16:53

cheers for that will try to get a comp tester tomorrow - the engine is up for around 400

prairie tuber 07 July 2007 07:17


Originally Posted by OLDSR4 (Post 208857)
- the engine is up for around 400

That is about $800 CDN, and around here you can find plenty older (20 yrs or so) 50hp outboards for that price, but chances are overwhelming that it will be a piece of junk.

Sometimes it's better to wait a little longer to build up the budget to buy a used outboard from a reputable dealer, or someone you personally know who has properly maintained one, rather than taking your chances and spending less on something that you might discover is worthless (and inturn, have to start saving up from scratch again).

Trust me on this one. - Been there, done that (and getting caught with a dead outboard during a sudden a snow storm shortly before dusk while 30 miles upriver from the vehicle landing and 4 miles across the river from where you've got your camp site set up is less fun than it might sound).

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