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Chris 30 June 2007 15:57

Vertical position on the Transom
I was wondering what moving the engine up and down on the transom does?

My engine is currently set with the Cavitation plate about 2" above the bottom of the transom. What would happen if I dropped it down a couple of inches?

At the moment I can throw it into a pretty tight turn without cavitating to a point however if I turn really tightly it does tend to cavitate. If the engine is trimmed up obviously the tightness of the turns has to decrease to avoid cavitation.


Downhilldai 30 June 2007 16:02

Dropping the motor will gve more 'bite' in tight turns, so will tend to ventilate the prop less, BUT you'll have more leg in the water, which will increase drag, leading to lower performance and top speed.
If you're not suffering too much ventilation at present, you're probably best leaving it where it is, but it won't cost anything to experiment with a couple of different height settings.
Would be interested in your results if you do this.:thumbs:

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