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MeMe 28 June 2007 04:24

Apple MacBook Mighty Mouse
Hi Guys- last resort is always the trusted forum. I've been pulling my hair out for about an hour searching for downloadable software for the apple wireless mighty mouse.

I have just bought my daughter a MacBook and was about to buy her the mouse when one of the girls at work advised that she had a mouse from her previous company but the mac had been returned along with the software installer disk.

A new mouse is 50 and I can have her for free - however, I have no installer. I have searched apple but without joy........

Can anyone point me in the right direction ! Thanks..........

Andy Moore 28 June 2007 05:38

It looks as though Mighty Mouse support is built in to Tiger:


MeMe 28 June 2007 06:19

....Andy - I followed this thread and expanded it into others - it was a good link - thanks - however, it would appear it's not that easy to get ahold of.

However, another forum member has PM'd me with a very kind offer of sending me his own CD to use and return - RESULT..........

Thanks again especially to the donnor who will remain namless for copyright protection reasons.........

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