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oceanpro 17 June 2007 10:07

Evinrude FICHT 115 oil leak
Anyone experienced (what looks like) used oil leaking inside engine casing? The local dealer says this is normal with this model and is nothing to worry about.

Its not affecting performance but makes a mess in the boat with the engine trimmed up!

Any thoughts/ experiences appreciated.

Tims Osprey 17 June 2007 12:17

Check both ends of the pipe from the oil tank to the oil pump, quite often a leak will develop in this area, also check the top of the oil tank for any leaks when the engine is tilted up, annoying i know because of the mess it creates and the thought that not enough oil may not be circulating as a consequence.

codprawn 17 June 2007 14:33

Are you sure you haven't spilled some when filling up? Or maybe there is a breather from the oil tank that leaks when the engine is tilted?

oceanpro 18 June 2007 05:13

Thaks Guys. The tank is housed seperately to the engine. I'll check the pipes as Tim suggested.

Keith W 18 June 2007 19:04

Ficht 115 oil leak
Depending on year of engine these engines suffer from oil leaks from the intake manifold, oil can leak past throttle plate pivots this makes for a messy engine tray, Later engines made by BRP modified shafts with sealing o rings but they still used to leak but nowhere near so bad not much you can do, this will not harm the motor,problem was cured on the E-Tec motor.


oceanpro 28 June 2007 10:27

Thanks Keith thats really useful. It pretty much confirms what the French mechanic said 'tout les FICHT et comme ca'. It least I know I just have to wipe up the drips and live with it! Thanks again

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