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ian parkes 04 May 2007 21:14

Garmin why so bloody difficult
Just spent a hundred quid on bluechart , and after a whole bloody evening I feel like screaming .

I put the cd in downloaded it folowed the prompts , then It tells me I need yet another version of Adobe , so I go find that and downlaod it .

i try again this time it tells me I need to go to garmin website for the newer version of what I Just Paid 100 for , so I do that .

Back again to the CD now I need to go to garmin again for the 8 digit code

each time i have to sign in , oh no It still tells me I need the updated version form garmin which I just bloddy dowladed . So I start again re insert the disc and it repairs itself which takes forever . OK I try again and it still tells me I need he updated version .

To cap it all the help line is permanantly engaged and its now middle of the night so I will be tired for boating tomorrow WITHOUT MY NEW BLUECHART WORKING .

sorry had to get that off my chest before i could sleep

codprawn 04 May 2007 21:22

This sort of thing really bugs me - it's got to the stage where people use pirate software just cos it's easier!!!

alexm 05 May 2007 01:41


Originally Posted by ian parkes (Post 197993)
So I start again re insert the disc and it repairs itself which takes forever . OK I try again and it still tells me I need he updated version .

I've not used Bluechart so this is guesswork but if you are installing a new version on top of an old version and it is telling you it has "repaired" the installation there is a chance that the setup program isn't replacing the old files with the new files.

Try uninstalling the the old version first, then installing the new :thumbs:

jwalker 05 May 2007 06:48


Originally Posted by codprawn (Post 197995)
This sort of thing really bugs me ..

Yeh, it drives me nuts too. It's a real pain in the arse.

Chris 05 May 2007 16:59

Garmin Help

I have recently been through the whole Garmin install lark, if you want some help then feel free to call.

07786 804141


ian parkes 05 May 2007 18:06

thanks , glad its not just me . This is the hardest to follow most difficult program I have ever seen . You click on the next thing and it just disapears for ages , then just as you are about to try something something just pops up . I seem to have crossed last nights hurdle , now it won't find my gps when I plug it in , No wonder the helpline is permanently engaged .

Pirate software yes please if I could find it . Garmin deserve all the rip off they get for this shit . 98 for the cb and one unlock code , then another 98 for another unlock code . They can't even give you proprer help or instructions . What the hell would it cost to have the lot for a yatch or something , its a rich mans toy for sure .

Cheers Chris I may call you if get no joy with Garmin .

ian parkes 05 May 2007 20:36

well have repeated the process a few times and its worked , that is I have got as far as it now finding my GPS , which it seems first had to be downloaded by windows and its id and software installed onmy computer direct from the unit .
Its a GPS map 76 c by the way .

Anyway all is going well i enter the unlock code start choosing the map areas get to the step where Its the small area choice ,I click uk south next page displays all the small areas but nothing there at the bottom when I click for the list , Iam now beginning to wonder if I have been sent the wrong blue chart I did call and they confirmed it was correct for what I wanted when purchasing it.

They should be paying me for all this hassle .

ian parkes 08 May 2007 17:44

Called garmin , dealer sent me the wrong Bluechart cd . Its the large area version which should be More expensive , I wanted the small area , hence the reason I can't unlock the small area South UK I require .

If anyone wants the large area chart they are welcome to it for 100 , garmin told me the unlock code is still intact so the package is as new exept the box plastic package .
I shall send it back if no one wants it but would be good if somebody could benefit from their mistake

Chris 09 May 2007 04:53


I looked at the small chart version when buying my CD but when I looked at the added cost of unlocking areas it was much more expensive in the long run. I have 2 areas unlocked on my large version which between them cover me for most of the UK and Ireland.

Unless your never going to stray outside of one area it may be worht using the large version anyway?


ian parkes 09 May 2007 16:12

Chris that works for most of the country but i need mainly the Cornish coast and the large charts all seem to intersect right in the middle of Cornwall chopping it into 3 sections on different charts .
It appears I would need 3 sections , and iam not sure my GPS would hold it all even if i could afford it.

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