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davecb 27 April 2007 16:54

Opti 150 - Reassurance Needed
After 3 years of looking for a family RIB have finally taken the plunge and ordered a Solent 6.5 which should be ready in mid June. After a lot of indecision about engines, including browsing this site and various tests have finally gone for an Opti 150 rather than a 4 stroke Suzuki but would welcome reassurance that this is still a sound choice.

Family pressure suggests that I should have an auxiliary just in case, and I need to replace a defunct suzuki 3.5. Are there any views about what the smallest option is with sufficient power to manouvere a 6.5 ? It may be stored inboard rather than pernamently mounted.


Jimbo 27 April 2007 17:18


Nothing anyone can say on this forum will reassure you. The day you first take her out, hear that opti scream (and I mean scream!) and power past 4 stroke suzuki owners, will be the day you have all the reassurance you need.

I've got an opti 150 on a Tohatsu 6.6m (same hull as the solent) and the match is superb!

Enjoy her, they're great boats and great engines.

Ian M 27 April 2007 17:23

Be re-assured, IMHO a sound choice, but why, when browsing the engine lists, did you stop at 150 :]

Jimbo 27 April 2007 17:27

Ian, bring your new Osprey out to play behind Sidewinder one day, and they you'll know! :D

Ian M 27 April 2007 17:38

Bugger, obviously quick wit and repartee are not for me tonight, first the laptop threw the blue screen of death at me, and then the battery cried enough:(
Charger located, plugged in, and sensse of humour on line :D
You did say behind? :rofl:

Andy Moore 28 April 2007 04:12

The Opti is a great choice! Just wait to you hear it. Great sound.:thumbs:

Why not forget the auxiliary engine and join SeaStart instead?

Hightower 28 April 2007 04:31

Have you considered an Evinrude etec?

I have never owned an Optimax but am in the same position as you, looking for a powerplant for my new RIB.

I've looked on some forums and Opti's are a very technical engine and seem to spend a little more time in the workshop than other outboards. I could be just that there is more opti's out there and that's the reson, but just an observation.

Tim M 28 April 2007 04:39

Solents are very nice boats :cool: I love mine.

Whilst I do like the smoothness and quietness of my 4 stroke, Jimbo is correct when he says his engine screams. It sounds fantastic when you wack the power on, albeit incredibly loud!! :D

Nos4r2 28 April 2007 06:35


Originally Posted by Andy Moore (Post 196805)
The Opti is a great choice! Just wait to you hear it. Great sound.:thumbs:



Originally Posted by Andy Moore (Post 196805)
Why not forget the auxiliary engine and join SeaStart instead?

Although the idea is good, Seastart won't be following 20 feet away if you break down 100 yards off the Needles and are being washed towards them...

v666 28 April 2007 08:01

For the Aux I have an 8hp 2 stoke Yamaha, which I find woks just fine. I hope I never need to use it in an emergency, but believe the safety it offers (could just be in my mind though) is worth the extra cost and weight.

Itís attached direct to the transom but could really do with a bracket to keep the prop out of the water at slow speed.


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