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Tideway 26 April 2007 12:18

Mercruiser 120hp diesel - Engine gauge panel
Has anyone with the 120hp diesel had any problems with these?

At the end of last season, all but the tacho failed, but having been in storage over the winter have started working again. Methinks dampness may have been an issue. But seperatly and a long time previous to this failure, the engine hours meter, a small lcd readout below the tacho, packed up. This still hasn't come back to life. So x2 questions:

1. Is there any way we can plug something in to get the true engine hours (we have installed a standalone mechanical hours meter in the interim)?

2. Do these units fail often? Because if not we will replace it. Application is a workboat and takes alot of weather and abuse, so if they are delicate we'll install more robust instruments.

Engine has about 300hrs, we think...!:rolleyes:



PS. We had a Merc 115hp outboard before this and the gauges on that packed up in very short order as well (<8mths). The yamaha 115 that we had for nearly 10 years prior, never had a problem and they were possible the first lcd guages on an o/board installation...

nik 26 April 2007 16:43

My display disappeared for a while, then came back. Dont know why, but the reading was accurate. I think the data is stored on the tacho. So, new tacho, zero hours reading.

alt 27 April 2007 03:35

My hour/voltmeter disappeared during the winter, returned after about an hours use... Weird, just 'dampness' I guess

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