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RibinSpain 17 April 2007 09:11

Yamaha F80 service manual
Hi all, do I have to buy a replacement from the Dealer or can I source one elsewhere? The US website allows you to view it online but I couldnīt print it, tried all sorts of copying & pasteing but no success.

I enjoyed the earlier thread about the repair cost of broken steering, just shows you can only rip someone off once.

jyasaki 18 April 2007 18:51

Funny; I just looked and saved it (I think I hit the 2000 model year F80.)

In the manual window, there was a button at the top left that said "Save as File" or something like that; saved as a 9Mb PDF file.

I'm using WinXP Pro SP2, and IE6.

If you can accept large (9.3 Meg, actually) e-mails, I can e-mail it to you directly. Drop a pm with your address.


Okay, I looked and saw another post where you were on your 10 hr checkup, and the 2002 is the latest 80hp on the Yam site.

Neglected to mention that possibly the reason I have the button and you don't could be due to having Adobe Acrobat installed.

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