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Nasher 11 April 2007 04:37

Console Info for Hightower.
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Some information promised to Hightower.
Comparison of Windsor Bros Twin Console on my Ocean and on Pete7s Pac

The two consoles are exactly the same apart from my main door being larger.
Iím not sure which is the newer version though, or even if Windsor brothers offer both versions.
The image below clearly shows the difference between the two.

They are quite wide however, with Iíd guess about a foot clearance either side to the tubes on my boat.
But they are cavernous, I often joke itís the outside loo, but there is more than enough room for all your gear plus a porta-loo for the kids if really required. When I was rebuilding The Nashers Revenge! It started to rain whilst I was doing the wiring, but I was comfortable inside with all my tools etc and the door closed behind me.

The problems are that my larger door is a bit harder to keep watertight than Pete7ís, and Iím going to glass in some stringers up the sides for some tie down points. Like an estate car the large flat area inside allows anything you put in there to move about despite having Ďcarpetedí the floor with rubber open pattern door mats.

Give me a shout if you want to come and measure up.


Hightower 11 April 2007 07:08

Pete's console acually looks slightly taller than your one Nasher.

Thanks for the info, the door is quite a bit bigger isn't it?

Nasher 11 April 2007 07:16


Originally Posted by Hightower (Post 194535)
Pete's console acually looks slightly taller than your one Nasher.

Thanks for the info, the door is quite a bit bigger isn't it?


I think the angle of the shot is deceiving with regards to the height.

And yes, mine's a lot bigger than Pete's. Door that is. :p


Mark Halliday 11 April 2007 07:34

Well, I like the one in the middle. :D

Nasher 11 April 2007 08:55


Originally Posted by Mark Halliday (Post 194539)
Well, I like the one in the middle. :D

You would!

But is it big enough for an on-board loo?

I did at one stage measure up to see if I could re-create the big door to incorporate a jump seat like on yours, but didn't get past the sketches stage. And Mrs Nasher didn't appreciate the name 'Jump' seat.


Mark Halliday 11 April 2007 09:47

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Nasher 11 April 2007 10:14


It does however look like one of those 'green' composting loos where you store up all your sh1t and spread it on the garden after a few months.

Bit like going on holiday then coming back to reply to all the unread threads on RIB.net.


Hightower 11 April 2007 12:22

So where did the console for Renegade come from Mark, is it a "porta" Porters special Pooee one :D

No serious...Where did it come from.

Hightower 11 April 2007 13:21

In actual fact everyone can help if they like!

I am working to a very strict budget, so no really expensive consoles...But:

Can anyone suggest a double console that offers good protection from the elements, either have a front seat or not, be stylish, have plenty of room inside and outside (for instruments) and be under £500 inc.

A picture would be a real help.


Nasher 11 April 2007 14:02

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Two options for you at the Nasher end of the price range.:D

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