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codprawn 17 February 2007 15:03

Deva Marine
Remember reading a thread warning of this a while ago.

Just seen an update in one of the boating mags. Apparently they have been operating in a really dodgy manner - taking deposits for new boats and not passing them on to the boat builders. Even worse they have actually sold some customers boats and kept the money from that as well.

How the hell could the directors do that and sleep nights - some of these people are finished - they saved all their lives to get a boat only to find they will never get their money back. 40,000 is a lot to lose when it's all you have!!!

I hope they go down for it big style - it says it's highly unlikely the people will get their boats or money back.

Just checked and their websites etc are still up and running!!!

Top banana 17 February 2007 15:21

Jono"s thread Dodgy Deva.
What sort of laws allows such behaviour, theyl be up and runnuing under a new name in no time. It happened to a freind of mine with a caravan, big company advertising, we can sell your caravan, pick it up from your adress, valet it and get you top price, company sold his van for 6,000.00 and went bust, owing millions. needless to say he never got his money or van back.

yoyo 17 February 2007 15:25

I drove past their shop last week whilst visiting friends on gods isle and the shop was still open, although I could only see a couple of cheepish boats in the yard around the back. It looked very bleak, gone are all the really big power boats that they normally have on show, although I didnt visit their main compond just up the road from the shop.

I know of one person from our caravan park that paid a 2K deposit on a Maxum to dodgy deva which should have been delivered at Easter but it looks like he has kissed his money goodbye :mad:

floater 17 February 2007 15:29

re deva
I was working in Dinorwic Harbour last week and there were a couple of boats on the hardstanding with FOR SALE signs on contact Deva Marine !!
maybe these could be some of the missing boats


I was down in Swansea last week, Nice marine
back next Saturday to pick up Medline from Cambrian Boats


codprawn 17 February 2007 15:36

You won't have any probs with Cambrian - they are pretty good.

Yes our Marina is very good - they are building an even better one the other side of the river in the old docks - will be massive.

Hope you have fun with the Medline.

Tim M 17 February 2007 16:38

I had some really bad dealings with Deva about this time last year. I ended up threatening to take them to court, at which point they gave me a half arsed resolution to my problems. What p***ed me off even more was that started to call me "Mr Mad" on all the delivery notes that were attached to the deliveries. Bunch of cowboys IMHO!

Richard B 17 February 2007 18:34

Here you go: http://rib.net/forum/showthread.php?...ght=dodgy+deva

matt h 18 February 2007 02:31

i wen there once and i guess generally they deal with Sports cruisers etc, when i asked about did they have any ribs in stock/for sale etc, they replied, we only deal with proper boats and not inflatables,!!!!
i quickly replied, "really,well its generally inflatables that rescue pieces of Sh-t like this when they sink" i made a hasty retreat!!! fun tho!

GED 18 February 2007 13:06

How safe is your boat/engine dealer
Makes me wonder why any one would give any money to any one with out seeing their boat first. Deva marine had a supposed turnover of 5million, quoting themselves having to sold over 500 boats in a year. I agree with a small deposit on order, but no moneys until boat keys are in your hand.
It may sound harsh but if your dealer cant afford to order the boat until you've paid a big lump off it he's not the man for you.

Ian Sharlot 19 February 2007 16:04


Originally Posted by GED (Post 187259)
Deva marine had a supposed turnover of 5million, quoting themselves having to sold over 500 boats in a year.

Is that 500 boats a year or the same 50 boats 10 times over:D

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