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Jizm 16 January 2007 13:05

Anyone know what this is?
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looks like a laugh....

Jimbo 16 January 2007 13:12

Yep, it's known as an H2, and is produced by a company called Zippa.

Low cost, and damn good fun that's for sure. If you want to know more, give Gary at Spartun Marine in Fareham a call - he made the boats CE compliant as usually has one kicking around in his warehouse!

Gary: 07803 388270

alt 16 January 2007 14:03

When I get some spare cash i'm buying one of these, they look nuts. Spotted one in real life before but had a crazy price tag on it (Typical Ireland)

Jizm 16 January 2007 16:13

cheers, any idea what sort of horsepower they need to make them any good?

samt 16 January 2007 16:35


Jizm 16 January 2007 16:57


Originally Posted by samt (Post 182250)


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