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wavecrosschris 23 November 2006 17:31

RIB Doodle
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I sit at work and doodle boats when I'm on the phone to 'whining customers' ...this one came out on the paper today, I quite liked the look so I decided to photoshop it (it's my job anyway)...

any takers?? - course, you'll have to build it first!

it grew a bit between the paper and photoshop, I rekon it'd be about 10.5m...

wavecrosschris 23 November 2006 18:12

final version:


codprawn 23 November 2006 18:29

Stunning - but I reckon it's a splash - it looks just like a RIB to me.....

Like the bow thruster by the way - of course the engine is going to be a nice V8 petrol with straight through exhausts - or even better a V12 Merlin putting out 2000hp - isn't it???

Stoo 24 November 2006 06:55


Originally Posted by codprawn (Post 175277)
...or even better a V12 Merlin putting out 2000hp - isn't it???

Perhaps hydrofoils would be helpful in that case... :p

Looks sharp Chris...

MarkM 24 November 2006 08:34

Very nice indeed. The only point I want to make is the shape of the tubes. They are very strate, I would like them to be more sloping. A bit more up on the bow side that is.
And then there is the direction of the A-frame. It's nice as it is but wat about turning it around??? As in your first drawing; I don't know my self.

wavecrosschris 24 November 2006 09:46

lol, yeah I know what you mean about the tubes, I was thinking that too...I might try and curve them down towards the waterline at the stern to follow the shape of the chine abit (makes the whole thing look a bit flat as it is) ...that should be fun in Photoshop! - ok, looks like there might be a MKIII:D

J S 24 November 2006 10:15

That looks Fantastic Well Done :thumbs: Can i order one please. :D

How Much???


wavecrosschris 25 November 2006 04:14

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Right, heres the final version...

wavecrosschris 25 November 2006 04:23



Simon B 25 November 2006 05:52

I thought the Merlin was a V16 or was that what ended up in the Shackleton as the Griffon or something...Where's codders when you need him? He should invent a downloadable header that links straight to a search engine - him

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