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codprawn 03 November 2006 12:19

Stunning weather
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Considering it's November what stunning weather - 3mph wind speed - wave height about 2".....

Never seen it so calm - really amazing. Felt quite warm - until the sun dropped - by God you know it's winter then!!! It was -6C last night. Dark at about 5pm doesn't help either but this winter boating lark has a lot going for it.

codprawn 03 November 2006 12:20

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A few more

randski 03 November 2006 12:23


Originally Posted by codprawn (Post 172570)
this winter boating lark has a lot going for it.


Great pic's

Shaggy 03 November 2006 12:43

nice 1


Tony 03 November 2006 13:09

great pics Codders!!

Biggles 03 November 2006 13:47

Hoping its like that tomorrow. These are quite amazing conditions but if I remember last november was the same.

prairie tuber 03 November 2006 22:51

spectacular pictures!

jwalker 04 November 2006 04:16

Cool, Codders.

Tim M 04 November 2006 08:10

I can't believe how cold its got all of a sudden. Last week felt quite mild so much so you could walk around in a short sleeved shirt. Last night the ice alert thingy on the car came on. Its feels freeezzing now...

Gray 04 November 2006 09:20


Originally Posted by Tim M (Post 172672)
Its feels freeezzing now...

There was ice on the pontoons this morning! :eek:

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