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Andy Moore 08 October 2006 13:33

What Is Going On Here?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3asSdngzLs&eurl= :eek: :eh:

Lets go boating 08 October 2006 15:16

Uuuuuummmmmmmm :thumbs:

ollyit 08 October 2006 15:23

corr blimey

slimtim 08 October 2006 15:53

Some bloke did that as a demo at the soton uni open day. I would love to be able dazzle everyone with my knowledge and wisdom, but I can't bloody remember why it does it:rolleyes:

Alex Brown 08 October 2006 15:54

In the mean time, the other educational videos are great, go and look for "Look Around You" :)


The games are so realistic, it even comes with sand in a box.....


TQBoater 09 October 2006 02:01


Originally Posted by Andy Moore (Post 168930)

What ever the black cube is when it gets cooled then it becomes a super conducter and the battery creates it's own lift simmilar to a maglev train.

You would have seen the battery drop as the black cube came back to room temp

Very clever suff

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