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yoyo 06 October 2006 19:05

UK Costal flair pack.

Can anybody tell me where to get a reasonably priced flair pack for coastal water use? What would you suggest is the basic requirements in the way of number of flairs in the pack?

We tend not to go out far from the land and if we do go any distance it is usually with more than one boat for safety purposes.


Nos4r2 06 October 2006 23:51

Ikaros Coastal Flarepack

That's the one I've got. It's also one of the lowest priced ones.

Jon Brooks 07 October 2006 02:56

Speak to Ocean Safety they do their own and it is very well priced.
02380 720800
Ask for Mandy or Chris and they will be able to help you.

Best regards

Jon Brooks 07 October 2006 02:57


Originally Posted by Nos4r2
Ikaros Coastal Flarepack

That's the one I've got. It's also one of the lowest priced ones.

Looking at it that is one of Ocean Safety's kits.
Their logo is on the bottom.

Best regards

yoyo 07 October 2006 10:05

Cheers guys :thumbs:

I think that the inshore pack will suffice coz I dont go more than a mile or two out from land, do you agree?


Nos4r2 08 October 2006 02:54


It's a lot harder to see orange smoke or a red handheld than it is to see a parachute flare-specially if it's dusk or you're moving up and down in a swell. You're not garuanteed someone will be looking out to sea on the piece of land nearest to you either...they might be 7 miles away.

Remember it's safety you're talking about-you can't scrimp on it or it'll come back and bite you on the arse. Sod's law applies double when you're afloat.

I carry one of These Pains-Wessex Miniflare Packs in a pocket as well as a coastal pack onboard just in case I get separated from the boat and can't get back in.

codprawn 08 October 2006 07:07

Very true - you can't beat the parachute flares. I also carry the minis - always afraid they may go off in my pocket though!!!

spence 09 October 2006 06:28

Even a few miles offshore can become a serious incident when all the factors turn against you - with an offshore breeze you could end up further out than anticipated. More is always better than less when it comes to safety, and the price is relatively insignificant compared with the overall boat and boating costs.

Ocean Safey Coastal Flares (or similar supplers) tend to come in a sealed canister and can be easily stowed. I would never leave without them and a working VHF, even for 'inshore' cruising.

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