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Tim M 26 September 2006 05:35

Is this a scam?
Or a bargin:


Nauti Buoy 26 September 2006 05:46


Originally Posted by Tim M


If you are unsure then if I was you, seeing they are only in Devon, I would not have it delivered but collect it and pay cash there and then, when you have possession of the engine, and checked out the serial nos.



Tim M 26 September 2006 05:54

Good advice Richard. I don't intend to buy it, it just looks like a good price for a lot of power......That is if it's not a scam (the bit about delivery makes me think it might be)

Nos4r2 26 September 2006 06:20

I'm certain it's a scam- NADA is the National Automobile Dealers Assoc from America and NADA average refers to condition.

pop 26 September 2006 06:24

mmmmmmmmmmmmm he would not be getting my money :thumbs:

samt 26 September 2006 07:18

The seller seems that they don't want anyone to see the outboard. Its apparently in devon, but the advert seems very american, i.e 'shipping',

Another dodgy advert:


1. Incorrect Picture
2. Do wetline even make ribs?
3. Yamaha have never made a 7hp outboard!

Tim M 26 September 2006 09:23

I think that ebay one is genuine just someone who has made a mistake about the engine.

samt 26 September 2006 09:47

I supose this could be a genuine advert, but it just seemed strange they had taken that picture from someone else's advert who was selling the actual boat in the picture.

I thought waveline or wetline only made small sibs?

They've listed it as cash on collection so I supose they must have one for sale just not the one in the picture. If they said paypal only then I certainly wouldn't buy it.

Nos4r2 26 September 2006 09:48

and the name-says Waveline on the pic...

samt 26 September 2006 09:59

These ones really annoy me:


They are obviously a scam! Earlier in the year My ebay account was hacked onto, and about 20 of these type of adverts were listed though my account, Ebay charges came to over 150!!!

Luckily I contacted ebay quickly and they had the adverts deleted within 24 hours and the charges removed.

The surprising thing was people WERE emailing me!!! I had to keep telling them it was a fraudster advert! Although it was tempting... ;)

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