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PeteSmith 12 September 2006 05:13

Navam 5500 Tracker Plotter

Ive got a Navman 5500 chartplotter that has stopped powering up. My local chandlers said they could send it away but would charge a 50 handling fee so they encouraged me to contact Navman direct.
Ive emailed them as they seem based outside the UK but have not yet heard anything back.

Has anyone had any experience with Navman's repair service?


LURCHER 12 September 2006 08:33

Jump in your car and take it here !
This is the Importers and if you just walk in to the office on right in the main entrance by-passing the reception ,throw the unit with some force at man in office and tell him you want another one it will probably have the desired effect ! Might be worth a call first as they may be hiding at the boat show .Suggest not declaring reason for visit as this may prompt rapid decamp.

0148977 8863

07884 442297 Mark Parkin Navman Account bloke .


gavin 12 September 2006 16:22

Out of our original 2 Navman devices we ended up with 5 replacements,
They wont return calls or emails, we were often without units for 4 months at a time.

In the end I mailed them around the time of London Boat Show, said I was flying to show and arriving at their stand, they promptly sent a replacement no 5, Navman stuff is rubbish in general , we have had failed plotters, failed sounders, faulty display even on our current DSC set.

The aftersales service is non existant from Plastimo we were treated extremelly badly by them

gavin 12 September 2006 16:29



look at the dates

PeteSmith 13 September 2006 08:29

I'll give Mark Parking a ring and see what they can do....

humper 13 September 2006 11:23

navman 5500 tracker
I have just received my Navman tracker back from the navman service centre.It too would not power up.I have been pleasantly surprised with the service I have had.I contacted Mark and he was very helpful, the service centre repaired the problem and it only cost 67.00 to fix ( it was out of warranty) I have got no complaints.

Mark J 13 September 2006 15:40

There is a theme here :( . My 5500 has also stopped powering up after the initial display and is with the "Service Centre" in Wareham for repair.

wavelength 15 September 2006 09:17

I'm with Gavin on this one- e mails not answered, etc etc My plotter went haywire after it rained.It wandered around every chart on the chip whilst at sea and buttons all inoperative. Water damage behind panel they said - this from a waterproof set. Replaced under warranty with a not new unit but one from service centre which i assume had been repaired for some reason and is I think older than the one I sent in, no answers to e mails after this - gave up as this set works ok at moment and lifes too short! - never a navman again though unless its very cheap! By the way if you watch the ben fogle rowing across the atlantic thing on tv his navman plotter also gave up at one stage! Paul Beaurain from ribnet also had some trouble with his on his round england rib trip I think.

gavin 15 September 2006 11:17

If you arnt paying despite warranty. then you wont be looked after

Mark J 15 September 2006 14:50

And now they want 275 pounds to repair mine :( !!!

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