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Nessy 18 January 2003 15:52

Backup engine
Anyone out here with a 6.5 meterish boat and a 15HP backup engine? Just wanted to check that it would do the job if the big boy packed in! Rough idea of speed?

Been away from rib.net for a while but things have really picked up lately!


PS. Found a good place for boat storage for the winter at a good price as well if anyone is interested. Only snag for you southerners is that it is in the North of Scotland!!!

crazyhorse 18 January 2003 15:57

10hp would do the job,get you home at 6knts aprox.
whats the place in Scotland then.IMHO

Nessy 18 January 2003 16:16

Found it in the Yellow pages and turned out to be an insulated farm building! Used to be a chicken shed! Anyone who is interested give me a shout and I can easy give you details.


crazyhorse 18 January 2003 16:17


Nessy 20 January 2003 06:32

10 miles east of Inverness

Keith Hart 20 January 2003 10:34

Hi Nessy

Where are you? Have I at last found a RIB/SIBer near to my Highland home?

Keith (watchout there's a SIB about) Hart

Nessy 20 January 2003 11:50

Kieth, That you have!!

Just got my boat last season and was out and a about in your neck of the woods a couple of times - wakeboarding in the CF out of Invergorden and cruising out of Inverness up to the Suters. Will no doudt run into you at some point (hopefully not litteraly!!!...although some on rib.net may also find that funny judging by the sense of humour on some threads):eek:

Not always around due to work rotas but will look out for your next jaunt north!


Keith Hart 20 January 2003 13:24


At last. I was sure I couldn't be the only one.

So then, how about the Orkney Expedition?

Was it you who sent www.boatlaunch.co.uk the new info about slipways up our neck of the woods?

Keith (don't be too keen, you'll frighten him) Hart

Daniel 20 January 2003 17:31

Can i smell a support RIB Keith? - what'd think (suggest not letting Nessy know our intentions just yet though) ;)


Keith Hart 21 January 2003 01:00

Could indeed be another 'volunteer'.

Keith Hart

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