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mstacey 08 January 2003 03:46

my boat at LIBS


To see some pictures of my new boat on display at the London Boat Show 2003.

This is my actual boat being used by Ribcraft on thier stand.:rolleyes:

John Kennett 08 January 2003 04:04

Nice looking boat. You're going to have some serious fun with that! :D


Charles 08 January 2003 05:01

Looks like a perfect set-up to me - Yeeha!Roll on Summer:)

matiboy 08 January 2003 11:13

imho, that is a seriously good choice of Rib, ample seating by the looks of it, not too massive to lug around and a very serious reputation as a capable rib

Ah, one day when I can get some more free time

congrats, very envious

matiboy 08 January 2003 12:24

this should wet your appetite given that it is snowing outside at the moment

video of 585 off their website for broadband users


or dial up users


lucky chap

Manos 08 January 2003 12:29

Looks like
a good RIB.

DJL 08 January 2003 12:52

Superb rib, had a good look at last Friday, the price seemed very good.

The 5.85 they use for saftey on the Thames during the Great River Race produces some great wash for jumping over :)

Daniel (Wish I hadn't gone to the boat show) Loughlin

Garygee 11 January 2003 05:45

My new RIB was supposed to be join you on the stand but I think the stand was too small to fit it on :(

We was quite looking forward to seeing it, in fact have not even bothered with LBS as a result.

Just have to wait, not too much longer hopefully

Regards Gary

mstacey 12 January 2003 02:53

I belive they also wanted to take thier new 6.3 m but did not have it finished.

Yes I agree the stand was quite small for a fair number of exhibitors. Gues thats why LBS is moving next year so there will be more room.

wavelength 12 January 2003 16:32

I've covered some miles and thru some sea in that hull with a 75hp as a Coastguard boat-should go like the proverbial with that power on the back :eek:

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