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Bittentobuggery 11 July 2006 08:37

Petrol availability Guernsey
Can anybody tell me where the nearest petrol station iis in relation to the harbour ? We will be taking on maximum fuel, 280 litres tank capacity and 100 litres in cans stowed on deck, on Monday 17th July en route to Southern Brittany. Don't suppose there's anywhere within staggering distance with a 25 litre can....

After an incident with water contaminated petroll purchased from a dock in St Vaast in 2004, I would always prefer to buy petrol from a local filling station than a marine facility. In addition the cost saving has far outweighed the price of a minicab.

Are garages in Guernsey as arsey as some UK garages, in that they will only sell you a maximum 20 litres in a can ?

From memory, I believe that marine fuel in St Peter Port is stored in a tank on the quay rather than a floating pontoon (anybody confirm ?), which I perceive offers less opportunity for condensation.

Thanks in advance for any information.


codprawn 11 July 2006 08:59

There is a great fuelling facility in Guernsey - as you head in towards the Victoria marina - St Peter Port - it's on the left. Petrol was 58p per litre a few weeks ago. They sell loads so shouldn't be a problem. I bought 550litres and am still using it no probs.

Very nice friendly people to deal with and very long hoses - at low tides one end could dry out but the water is clear enough to tell.

I really wouldn't bother with carrying that amount in cans - I don't think you would save anything either.

nick wood 12 July 2006 16:13

Guernsey Fuel
Codprawn is right, the fuel piont is very easy to use with a pontoon and as he said freindly service too. the price has just gone up a peny to .59p but this is still not bad. In Jersey we are paying .65p (this may go up .38p if our local goverment get there way very soon but I god hope not! :@ ) so we tend to visit Guernsey for fuel.
The company is called Boatworks+ Ltd, 01481 726071.

Enjoy your trip.

Bittentobuggery 13 July 2006 10:54

Thanks for the info and confirmation, guys

I accept that if the marine fuel tank is sunk into the quay itself, then that is no different to a garage. Floating pontoons on the other hand offer a much higher risk of water contamination in my opinion because of the additional opportunity for condensation within the tank.

Having had a water problem once, it is something that I now take every precaution to avoid as at the time it required a tow, the tanks to be pumped out, and filters to be replaced. It is only when you get to the bottom of the tank, that this problem occurs as the petrol would normally sit on any water, so in theory you could pick up some water and happily ride around with it for years if you never run your tanks right down (and avoid a nasty chop)

I plead guilty to being anal about this (and other things, before you jump in Stuart !) and now have two water separators rigged in tandem in my fuel supply.


Nos4r2 13 July 2006 18:26

You could always run some winns dryfuel through your tanks every now and then. I can't find it on google but most good motor factors sell it. It emulsifies the water into the fuel and burns it off.

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