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fjarvis 08 April 2006 17:52

OMC Remotes - Wiring
Hi, My Evinrude 30HP (1990, Electric Start) remotes are currently not connected to the outboard electrically. The cable is there and looks 8 core. Any ideas what colour of wire does what and what actually needs to be connected. Was quite surprised on the number of cables as it's really only the key switch and electric choke (theres no power tilt/trim)


Tim M 08 April 2006 17:58

I had to do this with a slightly older Evinrude not so long ago. I can't remember off hand what the colours meant now, but if you buy a workshop manual it will tell you in there. Theres a thread on iboats.com forum somewhere that I started which also has the solution!

fjarvis 10 April 2006 02:55

Thanks for the info Tim. Bought the Seloc Online manual - that's as clear as mud :o) There is a wiring diagram, but it doesn't actually tell you what each does. Think I'll look for a hard copy Clymer on amazon...


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