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John Kennett 18 November 2002 10:19

Yachtsman of the Year Award nominations
It's time to nominate candidates for this year's Yachting Journalists' Association Yachtsman of the Year Award. British candidates are invited from all aspects of the sport including dinghy sailing, powerboating, offshore yacht racing and adventure.

The Yachtsman of the Year Award is presented every year and voted on by the Yachting Journalists' Association from the nominations put forward both by their members and the public. The winners reflect some of the most skilled and courageous sailors of the last two generations, including offshore sailors such Chay Blyth, Robin Knox-Johnston, Eric Tabarly; windsufing champion Penny Way; and the incredibly successful British Olympic sailing team in 2000.

In recent years, the Yachtsman of the Year Award has gone to Pete Goss, Ellen MacArthur and Ben Ainslie.

If you can think of anyone who has done anything that might merit a bit of public appreciation, then e-mail names together with short paragraph about their 2002 achievments to: ppl@mistral.co.uk

Would be nice to see some intrepid ribsters in the frame this year . . .


Alan 18 November 2002 10:35

Bleedin obvious isn't it.........

Keith Hart!! (For services to SIBing)

;) Alan

Alan Priddy 18 November 2002 14:02

I have already voted for him:p Alan P

Keith Hart 19 November 2002 01:46


You are too kind chaps!

I think I know which Ribber should be up there for a nomination.

I'm going to nominate this particular person and I think we should all do the same.

Keith (get into the 'spirit' of the award) Hart

Julian 19 November 2002 03:14

Morning All

I've Just nominated Alan Priddy and crew for the award. Lets see if we can get a ribster to win the award. Take it away from these yachties.


Brian 19 November 2002 05:50

I am with you Julian, there is ony one POSSIBLE nominee isn't there?

narked 19 November 2002 06:12

I WAS going to vote for Keith, but then I decided that his main contribution was to the bacon industry, so maybe he should get the Bacon Buyer of the Year Award!

Consider yourself nominated Mr Priddy...

Matt (bad day at college) Brown

dbillyboy 19 November 2002 14:44

Mr Priddy is the only nominee as far as I'm concerned. We should all nominate him and his crew NOW!

Richard B 19 November 2002 15:51


thewavehumper 19 November 2002 20:16

Any idea how many votes the winner got last year

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