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Hugh Jardon 07 October 2005 03:07

Motorcycling, Off roading and Green Laning
So is there anyone out there who wants to meet up to go green laning now the winter is drawing in. I use a DRZ 400 Enduro and a friend uses a DR350. We are not out and out professionals, just out to have a laugh and some fun on the mud. So if you are up for it then drop me a message. Now the wetter weather is coming we can get out on the mud.......is good to have sports and pasttimes for the different weathers :)

I do also have an XLR250 R that will be selling in the next month or so if anyone is interested as its a cheap way into off roading



Jono Garton 08 October 2005 12:54

If you fancy a weekend in North Wales we have some great trails. I have a Honda XR 650 and my best mates rides a Xr 400.

Hugh Jardon 08 October 2005 16:10

Hi Jono

thanks for the invite that would be a lot of fun as I love wales both for the fab roads on the Tl 1000r and for the off roading.

i dont have a bike trailer yet but have been considering getting one so a trip to wales would be very possible then.

i observed a bike fitted to the back of a tow bar today which i think is vary precarious and i would never do that

will keep in touch as would love to take you up on your offer



Jizm 10 October 2005 14:59

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I'm up for some of that, I use a WR426 which I convert between motard and enduro as mood predicts. got a transit aswell so transport not a problem. :D

calum mckenzie 10 October 2005 19:07

I would love to go out to play but it is a bit far to come down, I have a Honda CRF450X an amazing tool but it is quite hard to find places to go without hassel unless I decide to race or enduro it. And who would have expected that problem in Scotland unless someone here knows different.

Hugh Jardon 16 October 2005 11:01

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Here are a couple of the babies

the KLX is in the garage under wraps currently

the XLR is for sale soon if anyone interested, is fab condition and runs perfect with 4k miles only

codprawn 17 October 2005 22:41


"A boy of 13 was among those caught by police in the Brecon Beacons targeting illegal motoring by off-road drivers.
Altogether more than 30 in vehicles, such as motorcycles and 4x4s, were stopped during the one-day campaign.
The teenager, who was with his father, was reported for driving offences and given an official warning."

Of course this nasty evil little juvenile deliquent should have been locked up - terrorising old people and where was his father when all this was happening???

codprawn 17 October 2005 22:43

Never mind - Fuhrer TONY will stop things like this with his ASBOs.........

John Kennett 19 October 2005 05:35

Actually I've been thinking about getting a bike. My youth wasn't as misspent as it might have been, and the nearest I have come was riding a Honda City Express with a pizza box on the back (those of you who have met me can imagine how ludicrous that looked!).

I occurred to me that for roughly the price of a basket-case Searider, or about half the cost of a medium sized outboard, you can buy a two wheeled rocket machine. It seems that even a slow bike will outpace a fast car 0-60, and run all weekend on a few quids worth of petrol.

Quite fancy a F650 Dakar (for the added option of a bit of off-road dabbling), but I suppose I ought to decide on a bike school first before I get too carried away :D


Jono 19 October 2005 05:40

Join here... spend yer money on one of them 650 "playthings" then yearn after a full-sized one..... :D http://www.ukgser.com/forums/ or... pass yer test on one of them thar "direct access thingies" and come and borrow my DR to play in the mud... I need a laugh.. :D

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