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MeMe 21 September 2005 06:41

Williams RIBS - ehhh !.........
......I was chatting to a pal of mine last night who has just returned from the boat show. He asked me for my opinion on "Williams RIBS" and I had to admit, through gritted teeth, that I hadn't even heard of them ! :eek:

Has anyone else or has he got his facts messed up ? I did a web search but could only find recipies for bbq ribs by Welsh butchers !

Jono 21 September 2005 07:16

Could it be these puppies? Williams Marine trading as Navtec? :)


DM 21 September 2005 07:32


Originally Posted by Jono
Could it be these puppies?

No it couldn't. Try Williams performance tenders based in Oxford


Hightower 21 September 2005 07:37

A 3.65m RIB that can do 50 mph.....Wow!! Now that's scary!

paul tilley 21 September 2005 08:14

you can increase the power from 104hp to 140 by changing the intercooler and rechipping the electronics ,what preformance then ??? lovely tubes as well

ollyit 21 September 2005 08:21

yeah sod that, the 285 does 47-50mph! in 2.8metre craft!! :eek:

codprawn 21 September 2005 08:41

Looks like they should be standard fit on sunseekers - got to be the market they are aiming at!!!

stan_deezy 21 September 2005 11:28


Originally Posted by MeMe
I did a web search but could only find recipies for bbq ribs by Welsh butchers !

Have you still got the recipe?

I'm starving :D

lc0021 22 September 2005 04:14

he he he... I made the mistake recently of doing a google search for "Animal RIBS"... dunno what the hell I was thinking...

MeMe 22 September 2005 04:26

Hi Dave.......
......yep them be the ones - nice but bloody costly, I think he said it was 13,995. Nice lookin' bit of kit though.

Are you about for the October cruise - always a berth on MeMe. Let us know.

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