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roycruse 17 August 2005 13:16

Rapide Roller Trailer Hitchlock
Does anyone know the type of hitch that Rapide use on their roller trailers.

I am looking to order a hitch lock online so that I have it when the boat turns up but without nowing what sort of hitch it has i cannot order it.

Richard B 17 August 2005 19:04

Bulldog hitchlocks fit most couplings.

roycruse 17 August 2005 19:20

Ive no dought that one of the bulldog locks fit nearly every tow hitch going - the problem i have is that bulldog make 8 different shapped hitch locks and 9 different shaped mini hitch locks and you have to choose the correct one for your tow hitch.


This is why i need to know which tow hitch Rapide use on their trailers.

I will try calling them tomorrow - i have emailed and recieved no reply.

Richard B 17 August 2005 19:27

I have a minilock which has fitted both trailers I've owned (both had/have very different hitches). Looks most like the first one which is specc'ed for Alko, and my trailer has a Bradley hitch!

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