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Arctic RIB 28 July 2005 10:51

Advice on Zodiac SRMN 600
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I am looking for a larger RIB and I'm trying to get some opinions on this RIB I've located in Canada and some power options. I would like to go with a Verado 150 but noticed the weight is only 10KG lighter than the max for the transom, would this be a bad choice? What might be my approximate top speed with such an engine and what about with two 70's? Thanks in advance for any advice,

The Zodiac Sea RIB™ Marine and Navy (SRMN)

Evolved from a long line of Navy RIBS

Zodiac's SRMN were originally built for Military use so their hulls are reinforced to take the maximum G forces that are applied when fully laden and powered at maximum speed. These Sea Ribs are simple, functional and tough. The collar is a heavy-duty neoprene hypalon with Zodiac's special intercommunicating valves. The total deck area is open and reinforced allowing installation anywhere of our wide range of steering consoles, bolsters and other equipment. Available as an "off the shelf" product and maintained in stock at warehouses and selected dealers.

Alan 28 July 2005 12:44

Can offer no specific advice on the Zodiac but I would say that Verado would be way to heavy for comfort. Also, given your location wouldn't the multiple redundancy option of having twin engines be a good idea. So you rtwin 70's or even twin 50/60hp would be a smart move IMHO!

Is there another Woodward group Tanker in Iqualuit this week? My buddy Phillip went out there on Tues so guessing that there is.

Arctic RIB 28 July 2005 13:12

I think your right about the woodwards group vessel I did notice a huge ship with a fuel line extending to the shore. I haven't been able to use my boat yet due to a broken $5 bracket I'm waiting on, otherwise I would probably be out there amongst the tankers for a few hours every day at least. Part should arrive today I'll go up to the ship take a picture of it and post it here.

Yes I agree about the outboards the twin 60's (Merc 4-stroke Saltwater) would be a very good choice I think. Would I be able to reach 40 knots?

John Kennett 28 July 2005 13:34


Originally Posted by Arctic RIB
Would I be able to reach 40 knots?

I doubt it. I'd guess 35 would be nearer the mark.

How about sticking with a 150, but going for something lighter than the Verado?


Arctic RIB 28 July 2005 13:43

Yamaha has a High-Thrust 60HP 4-stroke and Merc has the bigfoot which are within the safe weight range. Would these engines not rev correctly because they are designed for heavy loads. Would the boat not handle well with the max allowed weight on the transom?

Arctic RIB 28 July 2005 14:18

Thanks, I wonder why the Verado 1.7L engine weights 231KG dry and a 2.6L 150HP Yamaha 4-stroke weights only 212KG??? The max allowed weight is 240KG and the engine weights 231 dry with no steering cylinder so I guess it's over the limit just barely.

Only 35 knots with twin 60's eh, that's not very fast if I'm dishing out $42,000 CDN, I would really like it to be capable of reaching 40knots, maybe with twin 60HP High-Thrust Yamaha's?

Tim M 28 July 2005 15:34

We can get 40 out of our 6m Searider with twin 60 4-stroke bigfoot Mariners (Mercury to you Canadians).

Arctic RIB 28 July 2005 15:46

Was that 40 on a GPS WOT. Thanks,

Tim M 28 July 2005 15:48

40 on a GPS with the wind in the right direction!

John Kennett 28 July 2005 17:38

. . . with a strong tide, going downhill! ;)


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