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slimtim 15 July 2005 13:37

Isle of Wight Boaters Meet
Hello all,

Tim Griffin and I have been talking about this for a while. Since there seems to be an ever growing number of island folk on here, we thought it might be a good idea to have a IOW evening meet in a pub (like the Solent Ribbers meet but a million times better :D ).

I won't suggest a date (only I guess there is no reason why it can't be in the next couple of weeks?) but I will suggest that we could have it in cowes so that those mainlanders could come along by RIB if they wanted to?

What do the IOW RIBnet posse think?



Biggles 15 July 2005 13:42


As a mainlander I would be up for that if given enough notice and also somewhere to keep the boat for the hours of the meet.

Regards Nick R.

slimtim 15 July 2005 13:48

The short stay pontoons at cowes...a stones throw from the pubs....would probably be good for people to moor up to. They are next to the redjet ferry terminal.


Biggles 15 July 2005 14:52


Sounds good to me.

hannah 15 July 2005 16:29

im too young to get served in a pub lol

SOLENTER 15 July 2005 17:10

Somebody kind person will buy you a bottle of pop & a packet of sweeties
Hannah smilie

slimtim 15 July 2005 17:15

so you up for it Mr Grumpy?!

tim griffin 16 July 2005 01:09

Great stuff Tim

What do you think is best mid week or weekends , Fountain or Duke of York would be good, we will have to Pm people when we decide on the date with times and venue. I Know Roy Webster would like to come and he is off the net at the mo so i will leave a note on his rib.
So far its
Slim Tim
Tim Griffin
anyone else please add you names

hannah 16 July 2005 03:46

u make it sound like im 5 years old !

Zippy 16 July 2005 04:31

Im always up for beer and a good laugh!

If its on a day when the weather is good and i can zoom over for a few hours! :D

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