Round Ireland 2013 arriving into Cork
I decided to go out and greet these guys to give them a little encouragement after the battering they took in recent days.
Despite a really long run from Dingle, conditions had been the best in a while so lots of happy faces although there were a few who were visibly done in for the day!
The fuelling team were outstanding and everyone queued patiently knowing their turn would come soon.
There are some good stories to be told!
Sorry some pix are a bit blurred - it wasn't the brightest day and there was a lot of joggle plus compressing them to fit on here killed some details but they'll give you a sense of the day.
IMG 4487 600
IMG 4470 600
Look at the liitle boys face - you know he feels the sense of adventure from all the boats.
"don't be getting no crumbs on the new paintwork - or else!"
Freshly sharpened prop almost gets stuck in!!!
The fishing rods? as if there was time...!
They really were still on speaking terms
IMG 4518 600
IMG 4510 600
IMG 4509 600
Thinking of a nice hot shower and bed
IMG 4507 600
IMG 4501 600
IMG 4500 600
IMG 4499 600
Filing the mark of the Fastnet off the prop
still smiling...
One careful owner....
IMG 4472 600
IMG 4471 600
IMG 4468 600
IMG 4467 600
IMG 4466 600
IMG 4463 600
IMG 4462 600
IMG 4459 600
IMG 4454 600
IMG 4450 600
IMG 4448 600
IMG 4446 600

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