Pictures taken during various visits to Rockall
Old Task Force boat "Blossom" resupplying Rockall occupation
This was taken while scouting the rock for a planned occupation in 1997. We flew out there and back..... (somehow) in a single engined Cessna.
Climbing Rockall from a Greenpeace rib in 1998
Rockall in 2003. Taken during a privately funded expedition. 
See how even the smallest of swells makes landing and ascent fairly awkward.
Myself eating lunch on the rock. During the occupation of 1997.
Moff Betts approaches the summit of Rockall with myself on standby in the boat during an expedition funded by radio hams and Rockall times in 2005....
Coming alongside with climber Rockall expedition 2005. 
Note the home made crane made from stuff we found in the harbor skip for launch and recovery
About to lower someone off the Rock into a rib during the Greenpeace month long occupation of 1997 which resulted in UK Gov' dropping it's claim on...
Thumbs up after having installed the survival capsule on the rock (1997)

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