Ribs in Action
Pictures featuring Ribs and their uses within Greenpeace
Sweden 13/03/15
Sweden 13/03/15
Sweden 13/03/15
Ship boarding training Swedish Archipelago 14/03/15
climbers boarding training
The right moment to come alongside
Arctic 22 on the Markermeer
DCP 3686
Parker on the prowl
image 1966225752
A Novurania hanging around
5.4 Avon searider at rest after a particularly hard day.
First aid training before heading into the fray.
Sini looking pensive. All wired up and ready to defend her Native Arctic heritage ....by rib of course
The Parker rib on swell generation duty as climbers train for boarding "things" at sea.
Painting of a shipment of timber illegally cut in Congo. 
European timber import regs were updated after this activity. The harbor master and pilot...
Inflatable boat used in a tree occupation in Oregon. Protecting old growth forest prior to a timber auction.
Recovering protesters who jumped from a dock crane after security fired shots at a powerplant in Indonesia
Recovering a capsized rib in Pechora sea Russian Arctic 2012
Training Climbers to work from ribs in Kirkenes Norway
Under water cannon fire in the Pechora sea Russia
Ship boarding training in Biscay
Sacramento River. 
That zodiac rib comes apart and stacks on a pallet. 
Even the hull. 
The console can be moved fore and aft on rails so you can...
Preparing to board a bulk carrier loaded with illegally cut timber
Training in San Francisco
No Idea

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