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Originally Posted by quaoar View Post
As for large fires in refineries you can see the firefighters use immense amount of water, but not to take out the fire, just to cool down the areas around the fire until someone can blow out the fire using explosives - you can find many videoes of this on the net.
Umm, I think you're confusing "refinery" with "drill head".

Drill heads are a pressurized delivery point source, so the idea is to use the explosion to blast the burning section of sprayed fuel away from the source such that it cools enough to not ignite as it comes out. Oxygen starvation probably plays a part as well.

Refineries will have large standing sources; not something you'd want to use explosives on (though, I suppose, a ruptured pipeline or broken valve or plug could be combatted in that manner.)


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fire in outboard motor

My idea afterreading this interesting discussion :

Most of the risk should come from electric wiring under the cover - then from the fuel pump on the present injected engines.
A short-circuit between wires or wire-to-motor ground will raise the temperature and start to ignite if the engine is not dead-stopped.
A gas leak (broken hose, loosened connection) could have the same effect if there is a spark somewhere.

By chance, on-board, we have most of what is necessary to start building a safe and cheap fire extinguisher : air pressure, 200 to 300mBars available into the pontoon !

It should be easy to drill the cover to add a garden connecting nipple, male for instance, going to a hard plastic - or better copper - tube, 6mm for instance, glued to the top of the cover all around the cover.
This tube is drilled every 5cm with 1mm holes, downward.

A female garden connector is prepared, with a T-connector to create a gravity-sprayer with a bottle of water above.

If fire occurs, just connect a valve-to-nipple hose with the right connector intended to actuate the valve opening, and connect the bottle - not empty !

The air pressure will spray the water everywhere under the cover and stop the fire .

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Would one of these be any good? Could bring myself to cut a hole in the cowl though|240%3A1318

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