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Originally Posted by TangoTango View Post
Only when they are sailing and I know it's unlikely but also where the other vessel is constrained by its draft or restricted in its ability to manouvre.
Or following a required traffic lane which is common here.

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The school I went to had a class called Seamanship believe it or not, and my first boaty qualification was on O level in Navigation (GCE for the younger members here!)

Originally Posted by Zippy
When a boat looks that good who needs tubes!!!
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Reading this sounds like no matter where you are in this world the same problem exists, even here in Canada. RIB's are rare in my parts of Canada especially 6m and bigger with exception of Canadian Coast Guard. So when I do go out most people (ignorant ones) think I'm CG and tend to be very, very friendly. But then again every day I go out I see my share of stupidities on the water. I had one who anchored in a narrow channel 300ft or less to do some fishing right in the middle. When I showed up and started to slow down while heading towards him he kind of quickly got the message and left.

I can go on and on as all of you know but it gets very frustrating to navigate some days no matter where.

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think that modern boats and equipment have a lot to answer for ,most boats were slow and made of wood ,outboard engines were not as relible ,not many boats had vhf , wet clothing was oilskin,no one had drysuits most lifeboats only did 8 knots if you did need rescuing ,which made the boater that bit more carefull ,and the fact that there were less boats about ,
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Another classic example. QE2 approaching Greenock yesterday, tug has been attatched to the stern to assist in the "3 point turn", and after some VHF exchange between Ship, Pilot & tugs, the last transmittal finishing "engines astern 50%", the QE2 sounds 3 blasts......

Suddenly half the following fleet appeared to have also "engaged reverse", which was quite obviously not the case!

Maybe this isn't such an issue on the Solent where ferries reverse out of their berths all the time, but I was gobsmacked that a large majority seemed to think this was some kind of "celebratory hoot" Similar happened off Cloch when she turned to Starboard & gave appropriate sound signals.

I do agree with the earlier statements about Health & safety & thinking the technology is far better than it actually is. You see it on the roads as well - "I've got Airbags / brake assist / stability assist, so doing 90 4" off the car in front's bumper in snow is OK, coz If I crash the technoliogy will save me, if it even lets me crash in the first place........

Thing is you can't drive a car without some training & a test. Anyone can buy any boat and go for a sail, and let;s face it powerboats are "easy" - you point the wheel where you want to go & push that lever forward, no white lines or stop signs to worry about - makes driving a car look really complicated.......

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