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Have a look at Subaru, I drive the Impreza and its a wonderful tow car. While its to light at 1280Kg the Outback or Forester would do the job.

They all have a lot going for then, still have 4 wheel drive, low ratio gears box, bags of power, and resonable MPG. And to top this they all drive great, unlike most off road type 4 weel drive cars.

Regards Gary

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I have a Legacy saloon 2.5 petrol. Its an superb all-rounder, and usually takes beaches and slips in its stride. However, when the going gets really rough (trailer wheels sinking in sand as water rises) you need the guts and traction of a true off-roader - a Disco not a Freelander. The only complaint I have is that it's too low on the road, and so can be tricky on rough ground. The Outback is much higher.


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Tow Cars


There is only one car (if you can call it a car) and that is Land Rovers finest -

The "Defender"

Either in 110 if you carry lots equipment and people like us divers. or the 90 if space is not an issue.

Does everything from beaches to the M4.

The only problem LR still have'nt fixed (even after 50 years) is the slight water ingress when it rains. Maybe Ford will now sort this one out as it will affect the new electric windows!

A decent pre-owned vehicle can be reasonably priced and will if looked after go on forever, also they are not quite as agricultural as some may think.

Enough sales pitch - with your experience you probably know the car very well anyway.
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The thought of a Defender is really quite appealing I have to say. Certainly has the right roughty toughty image and (even before I worked for LR) I have been a fan for some years. Used to offroad a Series 3 many moons ago. 110 would be favourite for the space but I do about 12-15k miles per year. Not sure whether I am enough of a masochist to do that in a Defender!!

Mind you the tomb raider special edition (the one with more alu chequer plate than you can shake a stick at, loads of spots, full roll cage, snorkel etc) does have a certain appeal! It would certainly get me noticed in the company car park

Thanks for the advice, Alan
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I thought this thread started because your budget wouldn't stretch to anything really cool?

How about a Mondeo for the motorway stuff and something slow, square, noisy and draughty for towing the boat? You can pick up a perfectly good (apart from being terminally underpowered) LWB SIIa petrol for the price of a couple of beers these days!

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Or about an old Ford Sierra estate, we use one to tow Spirit around the docks with no problems ( untill you try to stop it on a wet road) but then it is 3 tonne
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Well it all depends on the size of your RIB I suppose!

Keith could tow his behind his bike!

I prefer to use my Land Rover - of course.

I'm now onto my second Freelander - great at steep slipways and beech sites.

My first was a Diesel - my current is a V6 which I imported via Virgin (Branson gets everywhere) and with the saving I made on the import had a Gas conversion done. With LPG at 35p/l its actualy cheaper to run than the diesel - and more fun to drive.

IMO The freebie is a great car for everyday driving - I do 100 miles a day round trip to work down the motorway - and also a very capeable off-road vehicle (The only issue being ground clearence - but you don't find many deap ruts on slipways and I wouldn't recoment towing your RIB over the ridgeway!)

Seriously though - one of the considerations to make is the weight combination of tow vehicle and trailer so that you have a safe and stable "outfit" when towing. Obviously if you have a big RIB then you need a big Tow Car - like a Defender.

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I have 2 tow cars - both Land Rovers. The first is a Freelander - which I must admit I bought with some reservations as to whether it was a 'real' 4 x 4 - but it as never missed a beat - and towed up and down slipways of various slopes with no difficulty. I have even received launch vehicles that have gotten into difficulties!

My other car is a Lightweight 'Airportable' Land Rover. It will go anywhere, do anything - tow anthing - but does use lots of fuel and has a top speed somewhere around that of keith on his bike !
Seriously for short journeys she is great - and nice with the top down in the summer.

You can try all the pretenders - but Landrover is - as they say - the best 4x4xfar!
Carpe pm
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Town: Highlands
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Length: 3m +
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Hey what a great idea. Get some larger panniers for my bike and stuff the inflatable in them! You may just have given me a good idea there. Sod this trailer lark. By the way why don't you just launch your rib and sail it wherever you want to go?

Keith Hart
Small boat - BIG truck
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One more for the pot...

How about a late model Chevy?...
My truck is a 1971 Chevy Surburban C-20, 402 cubic inch engine, 300 horses, 3/4 ton suspension. 84000 miles, 3 door model. The only changes have been a eletronic ignition and a new Holly carb...
the only downfall is the automactic deployment of the brake chute within a mie of a gas station...but with 94% octain at $1.10 a gallon, not that big a problem for needed power...
I call her "Big Blue"...
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