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Tip of the day... Don't wear an auto jacket on a rescue boat. Funniest thing I ever saw was a guy in a drysuit (holding to much air) dive into the water beside an upturned raceboat to try and get the crew out. They were fine and after collecting their thoughts and breath swam out surfacing either side of a pair of ballooned legs trying to swim down. Then the jacket went off and the rescuer cracked his head on the gunnel of the upturned boat as he was flipped upright. I suppose that as it was it was funny, but it could have ended otherwise. An auto jacket will not help against the first impulsive breath when you hit the water, it's not fast enough also it won't help whilst trying to get out of an upturned boat, but a manual one is no good if you are unconscious or not able to pull the toggle. you pays your money you takes your choice. Of the two people I knew personaly that drowned one was wearing a buoyancy aid which actually caught in the rigging of an upturned boat and held her underwater in an estuary about 200yards from my parents house. I watched the attempted rescue from the front room. The other was pulled over the side by crabbing tackel so I don't think any jacket would have helped. Who was right? I don't know. Personally I wear a manual jacket for safety work, even on the pontoon. Or a big full blown buoyancy jacket for racing. As for drysuits when it's cold,,,,, I go down the pub. Just my personal views you understand.

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If anybody is interested:

Cold shock is a a nasty physical reaction to a person entering water below 25C. A survival suit (any type) can reduce the effects but most people have not tested the suit and there lifjackets, helmets together.

I was involved in a lifejacket trial with the RLNI when they were changing to the geko helmet. When you enter the water the Lifejacket needs to fit correctly or it will ride up, if it does this it could restrict the airway and obstruct the helmet.

Also many people have died because they could not get their hood over their helmet so left it off.


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Life jackets

If I am by myself I always where an Auto Lifjacket. During Powerboat Courses my customers wearing a 150n manual gas lifejacket at all times when on the water. Same with Skippered RIB Charter, lifejackets on at all times! If the weather is rough or on advanced course then crotch strapes are worn.
I find lifejackets fitted with crotch straps but not having them done up properly between your legs causes them to catch and snag and actually creating an extra hazard.
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Yes I use mine for safety hence being manual and I have crotchstraps as they make a big difference in the water with the jacket inflated.

A govt agency tested life jackets before buying more and in terms or longterm commercial use they buy crewsaver as some others have weaknesses eg if you hit the water at an angle when its blown up it rips to pieces. OK a harsh test, but there are times when you know you have to spend the money on the right gear and cannot cut the corner!

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Life Jackets

Hi All

After just completing my level 2 i was shocked just how many people do venture out with no form of floatation other than the boat, one guy turned up with a flimsy vest type thing which upon asking by the instructor this devise turned out to be an oral inflation vest inflated once in the water, absolutely useless, and one other boat owner even asked why you actually need a life jacket.

Having come from a canoe and diving background i find it difficult to understand how anyone could contimplate going to sea with no life jacket, anyone who gets in my boat will wear a life jacket or bouancy aid at all times even in a calm harbour as accidents always tend to happen when you think your safe.

I have a manual inflation jacket which i use for safety boat work and becuase we tend to launch from a shallow beach it means always getting wet either launching or recovering boats, in addition i have a load of bouancy aids left over from my Kayak days and now put to work as rib bouancy devices for guests.

One other good point know ones yet mentioned is that the auto and manual inflation jackets will fit to any size adult, so if your like me fairly big and your guest aboard is small the same jacket can be adjusted to fit down and everyone's safe.

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One of the greatest risks in SIBs and RIBs is them flipping back on top of you. Many people ware a manual jacket so that they can escape if this was to happen. I personaly recon that their is a greater risk of a head injery and so ware an automatic jacket. I have said it befor Spend the ectra 10 on a light. Worth it it could save your life.
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I agree with dgpw, when in a safety role there are times when you dont want the auto inflate, like swimming to help someone get free of a dingy. Best off with a bouyancy aid really but makes diving under the boat a little harder!

Horses for course's !!!

Though I always wear the life jacket on the boat I have to confess that I don't always wear it on the pontoon and on slips.

This is quite hypacritical of myself as I belive that you are at risk at the waters edge (gets slimmy), on the pontoon because you tend to be talking and not looking for the cleat or a loose line or in simple you bump into some one.

From a safety point of view , particularly if you have families and need eyes in the back of your head you should put the gear on when safe and sound on land.

A third of boating accidents are said to happen on the slip, so watch out!

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Automatic all round on my boat...except for 5 year old and 12 year old who have foam lifejackets (Crewsavers). I've done a passage today on a yacht in Force 6 - my auto jacket didn't go off and it certainly got wet a lot!

I too am amazed by the lack of lifejackets I see on 'jellymoulds' and 'fishing boats'. As a former dinghy sailor I am only too aware of the dangers of lifejackets in that situation (stuck under the boat), but would recommend anyone to make sure they've got their LJ on from slip to slip in a RIB.

We normally carry a spare auto jacket in any case - just had it serviced (put it on son and pulled cord - worked beautifully and stayed inflated overnight). Also carry spare cartridges and 'tablets' in the flare container.
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no vat

In Ireland there was some talk of removing vat on safety equip such as lifejacjets, we regulary see clowns without jackets, at one London Boat Show I bought a light for mine for 10 pounds, its for sale here in Dublin for 46 euro more than twice the price,lifejackets can be pricy too I believe this is why people wont spend the money its madness


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