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Originally Posted by mitchc View Post
No much deeper!
I had a poke around and any reports online state that the vessel sank in 30m. Obviously however, we must treat the Internet with suspicion when it comes to accurate information. I suppose one reason for the trimix and bell might be that they were a diving operation (so it was available) and knew they were going to be involved in a lengthy search for bodies.

Harrison was one lucky dude. Who knows if some others were trapped in bubbles that escaped slowly....

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It was in 30m, the divers had been working elsewhere at a depth of around 70m and had been 'brought up' to 30m whilst they travelled to the site.

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It's possible to do a free ascent from much deeper than 30m on air.
I've done 65m and brought up a casualty (who survived) but I was much younger and fitter,and i've got the medal to prove it
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It would be possible to make a free ascent to the surface from 30m however being the chef he would have been reasonably deep in the ship (the route explained by the divers in the vid confirms this) so would have been far from easy, if possible at all.

Also he would have had to escape very quickly after the sinking as from then on he is breathing compressed gas in the air bubble (4 atm) and saturating his blood with nitrogen. An attempt to surface after any time at depth would have almost certainly been fatal due to decompression sickness. It's likely he spent a fair time in the chamber decompressing along with the sat divers.

Incredible rescue and one hell of a try dive for the chef! Can't believe he was so calm.
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Auntie Beeb are now giving this air time........

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One very lucky man.
Top notch pro team all round.

Nigerian man survives 3 days at bottom of Atlantic - The Washington Post
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Divers find man alive in sunken boat - The Washington Post

Good quality short vid
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He was down there for a while his tissue code would mean he would have to go intro a deco chamber
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One very lucky guy. About as close to the Poseidon adventure as you get, but he didn't even have light. Quite remarkable rescue.
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I like to think that I could turn my hand to most things and with the relevant training do OK. However, these guys are just something else!!!!! So calm, so professional, so brave. Truely worth watching!!!
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