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tube repair

Hi all, sorry if this is in the wrong area. Have got a bit of a dillema and was after some advice, am looking after the local dive clubs rib and it has developed a slow leak from under an allready existing patch. I'm rather reluctant to remove the patch as i stuck it down very well and the area of concern underneath the patch is a scour and the tubes are very old (top surface of the hypalon has been removed down rather like a chunk has been taken out), rather than a pin hole. Have placed a further patch over the existing but air is still leaking from two points due to original patches proximity to the strake. Have thought of sealing the leak internally although have yet to find a suitable product. Any help !!!!

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To seal the toobs internally with a toob sealant you have to be able to swish the boat aroud to ensure even coverage. The sealant goes inside the toob and then you get to tip the boat from side to sde and back to front to make sure the sealant has covered the target area.

Old tobs are a bummer if the top layer of the hypalon is peeling off you probably wont fix it If it has to be abraded off it will be fine.

Going over an old patch is never going to work well get it off and put a new bigger one on. If a rib gets punctured ffshre the repairs are time critical (4kan hour downtime) so i've developed some pretty nifty ways of fixing toobs quickly. to get the boat back in the water and then fix it overnight properly.

Sometimes this means that a puncture leaks a little but just needs blowing up a bit. If I don't want to take off the tube I put a patch of thin rubber on Latex neck seals sort of thickness and work it in well with a wooden spatula. I then put a proper big overpatch on once it's proved to be airtight. I don't like doing it as I view it as a bit of a botch but it works

I have some sealant in the shed which I think I bought from Ribshop, who is a member here

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tubbe repair

Hi rogue
Thanks for the help, have considered the interior sealant option but think it will be a bit tricky to get a 5 1/2 mtr rib on its side sufficiently to get to the affected area as its just below the strake. Will probably try and reluctantly take of the existing patch, thought dyna mo hum was a Zappa song?

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think i would remove the old patch ,, then fix the hole up with a normal car tyre patch or motorcycle one ,then go back over with a new patch or clean up the existing one ,
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