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Originally Posted by Biggles View Post

The life lines do tend to leave marks on my tubes. Black lines on yellow tubes.

The marks come off with cleaning but can look unsightly if left.

Change them to white or yellow lines and you'll rid yourself of that problem.


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Originally Posted by Biggles View Post
Hurry Up I want to see it

You'll have to wait 12 weeks

I can send you some pics of my new trailer if you like


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Hi, Gruntessa here. I've not posted before so a great big HELLO!! to everyone!! This topic is important and I feel compelled to share... One day I was alone on the boat in very choppy, isolated waters while Grant and his brother were diving. The pontoons were wet and slippery and I was extremely seasick. I leaned over to *ahem* , and SPLASH! went right into the drink which was an outgoing tide running very fast! I was already compromised by being alone, sick and not wearing a life jacket. Had it not been for the fact that I had been holding onto the lifeline when leaning over, I probably would have been swept out to sea before the guys surfaced. I was lucky. Order the lines, they're worth getting hooked-up on...
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As with Grunta I feel strongly about this issue.

The lines are refered to as lifelines suggesting that they are there to save life, not swimply to act as an alternative to hand holds.

The 'loose' ones are designed so that they can be reached from the water - not always possible with the 'tight' ones when fitted to large diameter sponsons. You see the same design on ships lifeboats and rescue craft. All of the commercial ribs I have worked with have had 'loose' life lines so it may be a coding requirement.

Very useful (as grunta has stated) for when someone goes overboard and is struggling to be recovered. Scary how many MOB are recovered to the boat, but then cant be recovered onto the boat by the crew. Even if the crew cant get the MOB onboard, it is easier to wait for assistance if the MOB has a lifeline they can grab and possibly clip onto.

Many ribs are extremely difficult to maintain contact with when in the water, particularly when wearing an inflated lifejacket. Add some surge from choppy water and a tight lifeline is easily snatched from a MOB's grasp.

The loose ones are also available to hand if the boat is capsized. Without them it is very hard to stay in the vicinity of the boat whilst it drifts downwind. Some larger commercial ribs have a line running along the join of the hull and sponson specifically to allow MOB to maintain contact after capsize.

Probably comes as no suprise that I have replaced the lines on my own boat with 'loose' life lines, even though it is only a tiny GRX.
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I know Shaun White used to fit his boats with a low level lifeline under the tubes so that it was easy to grab if the boat capsized. It paid dividends when he did actually have a boat go over with 12 passengers on board!!!

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