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Originally Posted by kerny View Post

I do not agree with Mr Monty Swan on compulsary tests for new boaters it doesn't work for cars people still make mistakes. Education not legislation is the way forward for me.
I agree with you Kerny ..but anything that reaches the main stream media to educate can't do any harm. I've been quizzed endlessly at work today about kill cords. I've told everyone to get off a small boat if the helm isn't using it.

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In my line of work 30 years ago or more there was a voluntary test called the 'Woodland Stalkers Competence Certificate' that demonstrated a basic knowledge of deerstalking cost a few quid run by volunteers. I never bothered. Now it's mandatory costs hundreds of pounds to pass part one (two day course), part two & now I believe part three plus you can't stalk on Forestry Commission land without at least passing 1 & 2. It's made some of the organisers very rich indeed & has done little to improve safety or attitudes of the cowboy element !! This type of very tragic accident can lead to a knee-jerk reaction to make our hobby of boating just as regulated with everything governed by a few pen-pushing desk jockeys & bureaucrats stopping us doing the very thing we enjoy & inhibiting people enjoying the freedoms we have. Trust me, they'll have us jumping through their hoops once they start !!

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If HMS and the magazine get the stickers printed, I will take a job lot and personnaly see that they are given out to all the local boat yards, dry stacks and slip ways in Poole.

I have even made up my own, laminated it and it will be on our RIB tomorrow. Part of our crew's role has always been to check that the skipper is clipped in.

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Originally Posted by chris.moody View Post
Can we please stop guessing what happened and leave the poor man alone. He POSSIBLY made a mistake and paid dearly with his life and the lives of his loved ones.

The people we should be seriously harassing are the ones still alive and still deliberately driving ribs without wearing the killcord. Seen offenders both yesterday and today.
Couldn't agree more.
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This is tragic news and my thoughts go to the family at this difficult time.

I don't want to speculate about what could have happened as I will leave this for the authorities to obtain the facts but was wondering whether a prop guard could have prevented the fatalities or life changing injuries?
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RYA Advice

Page 13 of this 2006 RYA Wavelength publication provides useful advice on kill cords and refers to the RYA producing a sticker.

Dual kill cords for kids advice is repeated in April's edition of 2013 on page 7

Further reference is made on page 5 of February 2013 issue.

My RIB has an MCA wear your kill cord sticker which was available on link below, currently out of stock. Its a triangular sticker similar to the Lifejacket useless unless worn one. It works for me as a reminder stuck on the console just above the steering wheel.

Recreation and water sport*: Publications - MCA

It's difficult to see what good can come out of such a tragedy and whilst I accept that on here it's generally preaching to the converted this discussion is a good thing and it has certainly made us all think and for me at least the sheer horror and then sadness of this incident will endure for a long time to come and go on reminding me.

It's a sad fact of life that accidents will happen and that life hangs by a thread whether you're driving a car, walking along a pontoon in the dark, or stepping out of a tender onto a boat. A momentary lapse of concentration or attention to detail is all it sometimes takes. Regulation will not necessarily interrupt a chain of events which lead to a tragedy and blame in an incident of this nature serves no useful purpose either. Even if and I repeat if there were any blame in this case the price has been paid in full.

The best we can all do is learn and as has already been commendably mentioned is to try and influence and educate where we are able.
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A case like this is always a tragedy, no matter who did or didn't do what. My thoughts are with the family and response personnel. If anything positive can be taken from the situation, it is that it has raised public awareness to a degree that I have not encountered before. I'm just home from a bit of a jaunt by sea and several non-boaters have asked me about the case as they knew I was out when it happened (yeah, makes no sense). Indeed, my father, a retired lad not known for his safety record, phoned me specifically to ask if I "wear one of those protection things". After some initial confusion, we established that I did

If nothing else, let this reaction be the legacy of this horrible event - like "lifeboats for all" after Titanic. So often we need to be shocked into action...

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Of course We all appreciate prevention is better than cure. My understanding is an unmanned boat will often move in ever decreasing circles. If you do find yourself in the water in this situation are there any options?
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Seadoo lanyards are great in that they are audible very time connected, really easy to connect and as they are chipped add an element of security.

Using the lanyard will be directly proportional to ease of use. The current mercury toggle switch is fiddley which leads to disconnecting it from me when boat not in use... As opposed to disconnecting from the boat.

The design clearly needs to make this easy and second nature to promote safety.
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Originally Posted by PeterM View Post
BBC News - Powerboat 'kill cord complacency' fears

Good to see HMS making it to the BBC web page
Mr Montgomery-Swan, who has 25 years of experience driving powerboats, said he believed it should be mandatory for new boat owners to complete a competency training course.
I'm with him on that.

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