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Re: Tornado owners - a question

Originally posted by Paul Glatzel
I have undertaken 4 RNLI Sea Checks recently
Paul, I hope you're not the 'gentleman' who did my recent seacheck. This fella turned up on my doorstep, in the deepest Midlands, dressed as though for a trans-atlantic crossing. He had this wonky eye so I didn't know if he was looking at me or at the sky. He was also a bit to tubby to climb into the boat unaided so I got the ladder out for him. He had this annoying habit of tut-tutting every item which didn't meet with his approval and when he discovered that I did not have a radar reflector, it made his day. 'You are in breach of SOLAS regulations' he boomed. I felt really guilty and hung my head in shame. I'm traumatised. I'm never going to sea again.

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The Dive club to which I belong purchased a new Tornado, and a light for us to fit, when the boat arrived neatly paked in it's box was (Youv'e guessed it) a Tricolor!! when the equipment officer questioned Tornado they said it was fine!!! needless to say we fitted Red- Green & Alround white.!!!

Take Care



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Originally posted by Paul Glatzel
Will be interesting to hearing Tornado's comments!
Well here they are:

We give most clients a choice of lights, the larger craft all have 3 lights but even when you explain to most users the requirements, 1 m separation, on ARW with P & S they sometimes opt for the cheaper option of a single light, on the basis "they will never use it and At the end of the day some lights are better than none"

It is probable these single light craft are older, probably 10 years or so ?

However now we fit 3 lights as standard to all craft with double A frames and only change it if we are asked to. Obviously we do NOT fit all lights to all craft and often when a client retro fits lights they opt for a single one as it is easier for them to fit.

Laurence Lock
Barnet Marine Centre Limited

Laurence is a director of Tornado as well as of Barnet Marine who are the Tornado distributors.

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Another interesting point for tornado owners would be the routing of gear / throttle cables and the effect upon stiff controls.

I guess this would only apply to the smaller models - in my experience of two 4.8m models in the quest for neatness Tornado have put so many bends into these cables to route them througn consols etc. etc. that the controls are very, very stiff - even from new.

No-one really realised why the first Yamaha control box failed, but when the second did we took it to my local Yamaha man who could not beleive the friction the cables were creating. New cables routed identically had the same problem and they are now routed outsite the console and accross the deck - less convinent BUT the only real option.

This problem must have cost the club over £500. Never contacted Tornado, meant to, just one of those things!
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Firstly thank you for responding to the question posed here.

From what you say Barnet Marine/Tornado knowingly fitted incorrect nav lights to RIBs produced between ten years ago and at least two/three years ago (the age of one of the RIBs I tested). You state that you now only fit the correct nav lights Ė which is obviously good. However it does strike me as rather surprising that as a manufacturer you could sanction the fitting of nav lights that showed your RIBs to be a yacht. Is the cost differential really that material? Surely the cost is largely in getting the power into the A frame & switched on the console rather than being overly dependant on the number of light units on the frame itself.

Either way as you now state the correct lights are being fitted, thanks for your response.

Paul Glatzel

Paul Glatzel
Powerboat Training UK, Poole & Lymington & Aquasafe Powerboat School, Lymington,
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