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Because people wouldn't necessarily do something themselves doesn't mean it is wrong for others to do it.. You can lead a horse to water and all that..

And experiencing near death situations just makes you feel even more alive - I know I have had a few.

The thing is this-

Youíve paid your dues
Time after time
done your sentence
But committed no crime
And bad mistakes
you made a few
you had had your share of sand kicked in your face
But youíve come through..
But itís been no bed of roses
No pleasure cruise - (LOL)
you considered it a challenge before the whole human race
And what have you got to lose ...

If you would do somethings differently next time then do it - either way be as safe as you can for your next escapade...

life is a dream but its beauty is real...
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Originally Posted by Rob Jones
Taking risks need to be done in a calculated fashion - but they are just that calculated.
The point is you need to know the figures to calculate the risk and you donít. You were lucky that is all and next time you might not be. Des

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Originally Posted by Action Man
.....I hate to say it but I admire Rob in a strange sort of way. Ok he went against advice.......
Giles, you must tell me for someone involved in training and rescue how you can admire someone who disregards all that you stand for Are you saying that training is unnecessary or once a qualification is gained all that is learnt should be ignored Des
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A hell of a story, how did you get lost for 2 hours in Mounts Bay in the Fog if you had a GPS and Charts?

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I assumed Rob was qualified. As far as I can see he took precautions and of course I believe in training, and further training after that and if it is needed even more. It was more a case of the forum not disintegrating into a slaging match.

I have not followed this situation from the start but I have poked my head in from time to time. I have met a few of the people that thave been advising against Robs actions they are all wonderful. I never said I condoned his actions or that I would do it myself. I definatley don't recall saying or hinting that he should go unprepared or unequiped without training . training is very important, if i didn't think it was I wouldn't have done any would I.

I am a member of a number of fourms most not to do with boating and I have seen how some threads can just drop down the pan from sensible convos to large scale handbagging wich can sometimes extend off the forum into peoples private lives....not good.

lets not let it happen here JK has worked hard to build up a family like forum for adults to discuss topics that are of interest to other adults....lets not get a reputation.

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Although my stance regarding good or bad move remains undecided I take my hat off to Rob, I have a lot of confidence in my RIB and will go out in almost anything - many people on RIBnet know this firsthand - but i would not have made that trip with that boat, that engine and with onyl my dog to help deploy the anchor when all went wrong.

Infact, i am quite prepaired to hand over my well-earned "RIBnet nutter" hat to Rob.

For referance my concerns are mainly engine and lack of crew. Rob refers to fliping - this is not where i see the immediate danger. If the engine fails you will never deploy the aux in those conditions, on your own. You will also struggle to deploy an anchor quickly enough (sea or conventional). Crew are invaluable - you shout it happens.
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Hey Rob...Chill!!

I admire anyone that pushes the envolope, but I bet that Alan Priddy didn't leave Port without first checking the GPS and a Radio check also he wasn't alone and filed a passage plan with the Coastguard. I'm glad you made your journey safe and sound, even if your dog was Sea sick.

If you bothered to read my posts correctly you'd see that all I was concerned about was IMHO a "gun ho" attitude being wrongly portraid and others reading and thinking this was OK. So I might take the safer more methodical approach, but then most people do...Don't they? All I say is that in the interests of safety more could have been done. By the way I do like to push my and my boats limits but they are obviously not as extreme as yours .

I admire your honesty of the events that happened the day you left, and yes I hope you have learnt something from it, I'm just glad you didn't have a miss-hap, but having at least one crew member is a safer way to go on a journey like this.

By the way, I spent a nice weekend in Germany at the weekend sipping wine on the Rhine and watching the Euopean GP, thank you very much .
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Well said Andy Hightower. A man worth listening to.

Rob why don't you visit the Solent next trip? We'd all love to meet you & hear the story first hand

Happy New Resolutions!!! : RIBbing for the craic!!!
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I have read the posts on both of these threads.

Being a boring and prehaps over sensible person i wouldnt have gone the trip but i am the first to admit i have missed out on opportunities because of this attitude.

I am delighted Rob made the trip safely and hopefully learnt from the experience. i can see his views on "Pushing the boundries" and have no problems with that. I would also hope however Rob can see that this wasnt a textbook cruise and is maybe not the best example for other people to follow.

i dont see the point in argueing if rob should or should not have gone. he has done it and been honest in telling us about it. At the risk of sounding contraversial, who are we to apply our standards to other people??
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I hope your dog had a doggy pfd!

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