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Originally Posted by Richard B
2. DepSol tells us that they aren't Alan's words, but are the result of editing.
NOt quite I said that stuff printing in magazines is not always what is said and is most likely edited. Items reported by the mdia arent always correct ie Spirit on the news was described as a ketch not a RIB, becuase they say it was a ketch doesnt make it so.

What you read is not always the story given. Whats written ad printed may have changed by the time it is out on the shelf.


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Originally Posted by DepSol
Whats written ad printed may have changed by the time it is out on the shelf.

Isn't that where this thread started!!! Although I'm still none the wiser.

It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt!
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Originally Posted by Alan Priddy
Tim. I have known Ellen for many years and I have the greatest respect for what she has done and achieved. I think the confusion on this topic is the differance between "Crewed" & "Single handed". It goes without saying that running a single handed 60ft boat is hard work but as I am sure you are aware most of the new breed of open 60's most of the work is carried out from inside the cabin. Apart from having to go up the mast or attach the sails there is not much need to go outside.As for changing sails in storm force winds, all the boats have very good weather routing computors and know what is going to happen hours before hand. If the skipper leaves it till the last minute for a sail change than more fool them. As for the navigation part, most of the routing is weather dependant not harbour dependant. To navigate around the world from country to country taakes a certain amount of skill. To sail an ocean and look for your destination harbour is relitivly easy. You only have to worry about the last 20 miles. Alan P
if you have that much respect for her why knock her in the first place no one is going to knock you for what you have achieved, so to bring it back into perspective could you do it single handed across a ocean on a yacht , could you do it singlehanded in a powerboat, i think the powerboat would be easier
no sails to change no masts to climb weather routers work for both , modern nav aids no difference between the two, auto pilot fitted to both, boat management , resting working helming the same boat speed is going to be
more of a constant in the powerboat, boat speed on a yacht is going to be more variable in a yacht ,as dependant on the wind ,so you are going to have to work the yacht all the time trimming for optimum speed,so in my opinion
it would be harder to sail the yacht singlehanded.
Tim Griffin
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It must be easier to sail a yacht than drive a powerboat!

yachts bounce of fishfarms powerboats end up inside
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Its easy to come on here and slag people off, I mean it adds to our knowledge base!, and is generally helpful, Its quite sad when somebody who most of us know, or know of, has done so much to raise the profile of a hobby that most of us enjoy, has to be the but end of digs and jibes, AP has done more miles on boats than most of us will ever do in our cars,its true there are plenty of begrudgers amongst us, people who dont walk the walk, dont do the trips , dont get the miles under their belt, or gain the experience that others have, and share with us.At the end of the day its a forum about ribs, and such, despite the fact the crew of Spirit are lucky to be with us and Alan and Egbert have suffered the personal loss of a record breaking rib, we still find it our duty to scrutinize every bit of information about the loss of Spirit, and continually poke insults and slag off Alan Priddy, for what?
Does it upset the bar room heros amongst us so much that some people will never hope to achieve the records and achievements of Alan and his crew, at the end of the day he is one of you guys,
a fellow boater, ribber, sailor whatever you like, its easy to kick some one from behind, when you fall over whatever...
Collectively we should be supporting his crew and their efforts,
in fighting, slagging, insulting where does it lead us?

Its easy to do, you can do it behind your monitor, no one can challange you face to face, its great guys really great.........

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Hear Hear !!

Well said Gavin !!

Best wishes,

Stuart McNamara
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Gavin, you have said what I've been wondering since this thread started! Since I'm not a RIBber I figured no one would put any weight on my opinion. Thanks!

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"Personally these sort of discussions from someone who couldn’t moor his boat properly 9 months ago (and probably still cant) and needed a 14 year old girl to teach him how to trim his boat properly in waves at speed are a bit of an insult."

A well balanced comment and confirms why RibNet is for adults.

Personally when I first went on a boat I couldn't moor it and if the 14 year old had, as an example, 5 years experience of power boating I'd listen to them, even if it was a girl as you point out.

P.S. Don't turn up when I'm mooring a boat because I'm still rubbish
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Tim. As always people only get hold of the "shity end of the stick" It would have been very helpfull if my intire comments about Ellen was posted instead of a selected part. If anyone took the time to read the arcticle you will find it is about who opened the London Boat Show and how badly the organisers have treated Steve Curtis over the past decade. Steve Curtis is one of Britains top sports personalities and has not had the benifit of a huge PR machine working behind the scenes to create a public awareness.It was and still is my opinion that Steve should have opened the LBS seeing as he was a 6 x World champion,in the country compared Ellen who was not available to be here!

But you know what they say about opinions? " They are like A~~holes, everyone has one.

As for asking if I would sail around the world single handed, I am adventurer and always looking for the next buzz. Very few people know that much about me apart from what is printed or posted in the media, which as we all know may not be the truth, the whole truth or even parts of the truth. Alan P
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Sound Man Gavin


Happy New Resolutions!!! : RIBbing for the craic!!!
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