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Originally Posted by Biggles View Post
You probably need no guidance.

I say this because with a decent lawyer you will get off. there are just too many variables as long as you don't go silly with the speed.
Agreed, but nothing to do with lawyers. You're very unlikely to get a speeding ticket unless you are doing several times the speed limit. A couple of knots either way due to tide is unlikely to be of any great substance.
And as for Yachties that dance up and down on their boats when a RIB goes past indicating you are going to fast, when your doing the harbour limit, then they really need to get a life and they need to go out in some rough stuff.
No, it indicates that although your speed may be within the limit your wash is substantial enough to be a nuisance to others. Slow down, or if possible take a wider course away from the other boats.

Mostly people are out on the water to have fun in whatever way happens to suit them. A bit of extra consideration for others goes a long way.


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Originally Posted by robineff View Post
I have never been sure if these limits are 'through the water' or 'over the ground'. I would welcome some guidance.

I'm pretty sure they will be 'through the water' limits. Although I wonder how lenient a harbour master would be, if say you were doing the speed limit (didn't have a gps, so couldn't tell what over the ground you were doing) but with 3 knots of tide were in effect breaking it. I guess they'd certainly not bother with you, unless you were umoungst a school of kids in sailing dinghies in a harbour like christchurch.

I think this entire subject comes down to the situation when you get caught. As above, if you are exeeding a limit in a dangerous situation, or when you could endanger someone else on the water, then you do deserve to get booked - on the other hand I have heard that speeding fines being handed out in chichester harbour, for example, are avoided by the harbour master and generally they prefer to give you a good 'b*llocking' before letting you go. (this generally has a better effect on everyone anyway) - It also costs the harbour authority a fortune apparently everytime they have to take someone to court.

Most of the speed limits are set in these harbours to stop shore line erosion - which seems a bit mad, when I consider my RIB kicks out a ten times bigger wake when the whole hull is dragging through the water at 8 knots than it does at 15 or 20! But there we go!

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I really annoys me when they always use the "excessive wash" line to set speed limits. I was following a big fast fishing boat the other day - at speed there was hardly any wake - I know cos I was trying to jump it - coming into the harbour he dropped off the plane - it was awesome the size of the wash.
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who here has had a fine. I did when i was 7yrs old, i still have the ticket, upon lake windermere, doing about 15knots over the limit.
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wow, all this for 20-25 Knots,that bein about 25-30mph, thare must be more to it, anyway, hear unless posted, or less than 150ft from shore or a swimmer ,the limit is what ever you can do or unlimited. i've got one or two over the years,
never had to pay them.

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