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On the very rare occasions that I have a drink whilst boating, I stick to the road rules, I.e. A couple of pints max.

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Originally Posted by Barrowboy View Post
Speaking personally and without prejudice to anyone...

I've been fortunate enough to have covered more than 50k miles powered by sticks, string and large triangular white bits of flappy stuff around our fantastic planet and am firmly of the opinion that the sea is one of the few places remaining that offers the opportunity for common sense and self-reliance to reign supreme in our generally over-regulated society full of rules, regs and laws created to deal with our increasingly litigious world.

I applaud the RYA's stance on resisting any attempt to impose a 'drink-drive' limit on leisure sailors because, frankly, the laws already exist in the form of local Harbour Authority Byelaws and Colregs.

On the other hand, I absolutely believe that we all have a duty to ourselves, our fellow passengers and everyone else enjoying the 'freedom' of the seas to act and behave responsibly and with consideration and due respect.

In that regard, personally, I'm happy to accept the Road Traffic Act guidelines regarding alcohol consumption and consequent impairment but others, of course, will have different views.

The MAIB Report on what happened in Tarbert on 10th July 2005 should act as a salutory warning to everyone, of course.
Absolutely 100%, what he said!

In the event of an accident a comparison will no doubt be drawn to the rules of the road and blood alcohol level. It is therefore the views of others after the fact we need to consider and those pointy fingers.

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Originally Posted by Starovich View Post
of course that depends where OP is, NY state I KNOW has DUI on the water
I believe most, if not all, US states have BUI laws.

In California, it's the same as driving (i.e. a blood alcohol level of 0.08% is de facto evidence of illegal impairment), and the resulting citation is applied to your drivers license (has the same ramifications as driving a car while intoxicated, which, according to TV ads, a first offense means a license suspension of a year and fines and fees of over $10K.) The primary difference between driving and boating in California is that a pleasure boat operator can legally have an open container while operating, while a road driver cannot.

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The Sea is the largest wilderness on the planet.
Personally am not comfortable being in control of a powered craft
or sailing vessel in that environment if I have been drinking.
Too much potential to hurt myself or worse to hurt others.
To quote a source at the MAIB
".... drinking alcohol and boat driving do not mix.
It takes very little alcohol to impair judgment and motor-skills,
and the best advice is do not drink and drive"
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Well said Tony, whilst we all enjoy the freedom of being on the open sea, to continue to enjoy the privilege we need to appreciate the effects of our actions on others around us, I enjoy a pint as much as anybody else but there's a time and a place
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Originally Posted by kerny View Post
I will give the wee man his due Billy he will always offer one out.

Yep, always happy to share. Have to say though that as time has gone on, I've grown up a bit and am more akin to a steady beer in a couple of destinations. Eg Anglesey cruise we had one at Conwy, one at Holyhead and a cool bottle on board as we passed through the speed zone at the end of the day. 3 in 8 hours I am happy with.

In times gone by we certainly used to have a steady flow and then moor up. I think it was a habit learned from parents, unfortunately they used to drink a lot aboard fishing boats. I guess tolerances and also the speed we move at have changed. As we didn't have to drive at the end of day, it was easily done though.

over the last few years I have become far more aware of the dangers and responsibilities. Having a family does that I guess! I look back in horror at what I did in my 20's, though I guess most of us do.

The one time I've hit a rock, platters by the bridge, was in my 20's, under the influence, where I'd misjudged the tide. If I'd been sober, I'd have been fine, luckily no one was hurt, just a snapped skeg. You live and learn.

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