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Total are good; I too have never had any trouble with them. Plus their hand car wash works great on my RIB!

Sainsbury's are great; took a punnet of dodgy strawberrys back and they gave me a load of other fruit as "compensation"!

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What do you do if you're RIB's on the water? Fill 10 x 5 litre cans only to drive 20 yards down the road to pour the whole lot into a bigger one? Doesn't it all amount to the same thing?

I found when looking for petrol cans and UK law - it's specifically to do with Hampshire. Needless to say, I haven't yet bothered to phone the Trading Standards number or the other 'helpful' number they have included on the site...yet. I think we might print out a few bits and pieces and stick them in the glovebox for emergencies.


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Ok well this is what I have been able to find regarding transporting and storing fuel on the RYA website -hope this is of use

RYA Guidance
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I emailed the BSS people and this is their reply..

Thank you for your e-mail dated 15 February 2005.
The law governs the carriage of petrol and is regulated by the HSE and
currently limits the number and type of containers to 2 x 5 lts plastic
and /or 1 x 10 lts metal.

We understand that the current review of the Carriage of Petrol
Regulations are currently being reviewed and will likely allow for the
filling of portable outboard motor tanks of up to 27 lts capacity, But
as yet this is not ratified.

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I have just received two emails. One from Sainsburys and one from HSE.

Dear Mr Bamford,

Thank you for your e-mail.

I am sorry to hear of your experience at your local store recently. I
can understand your frustration and can confirm that you should be
allowed to fill up your boats fuel tank there. I have contacted the
relevant department here and they are going to contact the store involved to
resolve this issue.

Once again thank you for your e-mail and I am truly sorry for any
inconvenience caused by this.

Kind regards,

Amy Hollingworth
Sainsbury's Customer Services

Dear Sir/Madam

Thank you for your enquiry regarding petrol filling requirements.

I have spoken to Peter Roberts in the HSE policy unit for hazardous
substances, who stated that the HSE does not have specific requirements
this area. He also stated that it is usually a condition of petroleum
licenses that receptacles for fuel are suitable, but otherwise the
that has been taken may be a policy choice by the petrol retailer.

I hope this helps, but if you require further assistance, please do not
hesitate to contact this address again or telephone HSE Infoline on

Yours sincerely

Andrew Regal

HSE Infoline

The HSE is not very usefull but the Sainsburys is good news.

I am going to ask Sainsburys to send me the info in writing by Snail mail so I have a hardcopy.
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I think that is looks like a result. Well done you.
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Well over a year later, Sainsbury's have either changed their policy or started employing even more f***wits than before.

We occupied two pumps at the Sainsbury's in Hatchwarren, Basingstoke (I mention it specifically so that you can avoid it - please!) Nicky filled up the car while I started filling up the tank on the boat. This isn't a plastic fuel can type but a 95l stainless job bolted into the console.

About 40l in they cut off the pump. But no-one came out to say what's going on. To keep it brief, the duty manager eventually wandered over from the main store to tell me that "we don't have the legislation to allow that" whatever that means. He didn't even want to come and look at the tank!

We were already running late, so just advised them we wouldn't be back and paid up. I didn't think it was even worth mentioning that a full petrol container is safer than one half-full. Filled up at a Shell station on the A27 for 2p a litre less.

The bonkers thing is that I have filled up two loose plastic 25l cans at the same petrol station with no problem. Guess it just depends which eejit is on duty . .
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petrol pump problem

Please consider the following. I live in the USA and own a Chevy Suburban 4wd. with a 5.7 ltr engine. It has a 40gal tank. If I try to fill it from near empty the pump will shut off automatically if I have pre-paid with a credit card, at a certain $/pound limit. This is because of a "setting" the station enters into their system to prevent theft of large amounts of petrol etc. The solution is to shut down and start all over again to "top off" your tank. The duty manager of the station is clearly a bozo. Hope this helps.
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Oh no, they just cut it off manually because they're too stupid to sell petrol. Normally can go to 100l / 22gal before auto cut off.
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If it was me and I had some time, I would sit at the two pumps just to hack off the attendants untill they switched it back on again. Trouble is you wouldn't get any sympathy from your fellow motorist for it.


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