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Seems the attitude sometimes is that in whatever way they are there 'first', whether with boat, trailer (or perhaps even just standing there), that reserves their right to use the slipway (exclusively) for the duration.

Bit like people who get in the checkout queue at the supermarket with a basket and the other half comes along with a £$%*ing great trolley full.

First ready to go should be obvious and no faffing about blocking the slipway getting ready - there's usually plenty of room nearby for that.

Of course it can be tricky at some places where there's limited (or no) waiting pontoons and you need to go any distance to fetch the trailer.

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Originally Posted by John Kennett View Post
First boat and trailer ready to recover, first out.
Don't you go being all sensible here! I'll have you know I died in 4 world wars to support my right to be a total pain in the arse. It's MY slipway and I own Portsmouth too.
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Should the Harbour Master get involved?

In Tobermory, our ramp (slipway) is at the busiest intersection in town. (OK, it's the only intersection, but it is busy on summer weekends...)

The Harbour Master's office is at the far end of the harbour. They never have anyone at the ramp to direct traffic or collect fees. To complicate things, public parking is a good 5 - 7 minute walk away (each way). It's not unusual for some doink to tie up at the finger dock, then waddle off to retrieve his trailer. I also love the folks who use the ramp to rig their boats coming in or out... Why don't they do this someplace else? I can launch my boat and be clear of the ramp in less than 2 minutes. It ain't that complicated!

I have spoken to the Harbour Master on occassion about putting a staff person (usually students) at the ramp to keep things moving along and since they could collect ramp fees at the same time, it would actually be a money-making step. So far, there has been no movement to do so.

Because the ramp area is so congested, it's just a matter of time before someone is hurt there, as the ramp is used for everything from folks getting their dogs a drink to kids feeding ducks to kayakers launching... I've had tourist step over the tongue of my trailer while as I was backing up, completely oblivous to the fact I was moving.

Mercifully, this is really only a problem a few weekends a year, but it seems that with a little "official" help, things could move along a lot more easily.

Incidently, the reason the ramp is located where it is is because everywhere else, the water is about 100' deep right off the shore...
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I think most are happy to wait if its busy or people are having problems, but why should people have to wait for others lack of common sense and stupidity ?

Surely common courtesy would suggest that if you are not ready to launch dont get in the way of those that are.

I get very frustrated with people taking up a slipway (that can launch two side by side 7m + boats) with a canoe that could easily be pulled out of the way & on to the shingle bank. Like wise I have often towed boats out at low water when thier 2wd tow car clearly has no chance on a wet slip.

When simple rudeness stops me enjoying myself I will often say in a nice freindly way -' Hi mate evrything OK or will you be long as I'm ready to go '- to get a response of 'F off - I have driven 1000 miles to launch - I'll take as long as I fing want and you can sod off ' etc etc

After a few of these types of abuse every year I stop asking & like wise have stopped offering to help. So even the nice poeple who have problems no longer have my help !
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Originally Posted by Tomas View Post
For all the frustration encountered in the process, some of the most entertaining boat related behavior ever witnessed, will be at a ramp. Sit back and enjoy
That's why there is a pub at most busy ramps around Southampton and Portsmouth.
Just adds to the frustration of it all when you know there are people hanging around waiting for a cock up.
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Originally Posted by The Edges View Post
It may be of interest to you that there is another "unofficial" slipway at the back of the dinghy park little used and if the tides are right, with your 4x4, you could avoid the chaos on the other side
Generally at Northney I find recovery fine but on launching you often get folks launching and then just leaving the boat at the bottom of the slip so that others have to wait until owner returns after parking the car, trailer , pack for the weekend, visited the toilets etc etc
Well this thread seems to have caused some interest!

Andrew, yes I know about the 'other' slip, but on Sunday I was there at low water and it's getting springy so the other slip was dry at the time. Never needed it before, apart from when they re-built the main slip, as Northney is usually not so busy.

John K - Thanks, not just me then!

Thomas - Didn't use any slips when I was in the USVI this year... but I did hit a lump of coral and bent the prop near Hans Lollik Island. Naughty Nymph where understandably keen to relieve me of the price of a new one! Oh Well!

As for Penmarlan…. Its not so much the slipway itself that frightened me, it was the thought of meeting a car, boat and trailer coming the other way as I climbed that near-vertical single track road to the top of the hill!!

Anyway, thanks for the comments and thoughts…. I will take a copy of this thread with me next time I ‘push in’ at Northney!

Mike C
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Littlehampton Mariner use tractors for launch and recovery great idea as you have to be ready as they are putting you in the water also stops the non paying
i can do what i like band of sub humans.
The money its costs at northney mariner to launch there should be some one on duty on the slipway, it would also net them a fortune in money from slip fees.
but unfortunately this would all be to easy, small example of peoples behaver,
on the way to my office i called at Nero,s coffee, tall skinny man mid twenty tattoos every where baseball cap on mobile at the counter desided that after he had got his drink he would block all others from getting theres while he talked to his mates on the mobile when young women asked him to please move you guessed it p-off i,am busy not until three of us told him to move or we would move him he stormed out fingers up doing the pompey swagger walk, all this at 8am. BRING BACK HANGING THE BIRCH NATIONAL SERVICE
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Originally Posted by Roy Smith View Post
The money its costs at northney mariner to launch there should be some one on duty on the slipway,
That’s not a bad idea…….. If anyone from MDL is reading this, perhaps they would like to comment!

If you really want to see an organised launching facility you should visit Bolis Marina in Vercurago, near Lake Como Italy. I had the pleasure of launching my first boat from there about 8 years ago.

It was a crane-lift, (costing less than the average slipway here) and was done with superb precession. The queue of cars towing boats was backed up about 200 yards before the entrance but every 30 seconds or so we moved forward a car/trailer length. Before long we were in the compound and were directed to a waiting area in range of one of the two cranes. At this point we were instructed to detach the car which we then drove to a nearby field to park. By the time we got back from there, the boat was ready to be lifted into the water, (or had already been). The fee was paid and a ticket for the trailer was issued. The trailer then being manhandled by the marina staff into a compound that must have contained almost a hundred others.

On return at the day’s end, the procedure was in reverse. On mooring up, the ticket was handed to the staff who retrieved the correct trailer. When it was ready they lifted the boat onto the trailer, the car was attached and off we went. Most efficient – a real production line!

Can’t see it happening here!

Mike C
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Makes me realise how lucky iam with our local slip , rerely more than a 1 boat wait free to launch and park free pontoon . Location secret

i witnessed the Penmarlem incident from the top as i had just recovered my boat , I thought Nos was very polite considering what happened .

We got in a bit late last night and stood at the slip watching the boats and launching fiascos while eatin fish and chips , its great entertainmant , and why do people have such problems ? main problem seemed to inability to reverse a trailer and then putting it into the water too far so the boat won't sit down square on it .
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Originally Posted by Stoo View Post
I also love the folks who use the ramp to rig their boats coming in or out... Why don't they do this someplace else?
At the ramp I normally use, there's a mix of inflatables and hard boats (mostly recreational fishermen.) Invariably, the fisher-folk will completely ignore the 17 open parking spaces, and simply park the rig in the traffic aisle to stow the gear, tie the boat down, find the leftover beer, etc. That's assuming they actually pull clear of the ramp.

I just don't get what's so undesirable about pulling into a parking space to secure the boat to the trailer?


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