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The website is shit! Don't bother with it. Dubarry Shamrock are circa 160 (list) and the next one (which I have and can't remember the name of) are circa 180 (list). This is NOT what you can expect to pay in the shops. Marine Superstore sold me mine for 100, the price of two rubber Gill ankle-breakers.

As I said, most places have good offers on Dubarry stuff at the moment. If you look carefully you'll find some excellent deals.

Edit - I just looked, mine are the Fastnets! Marine Superstore currently has Shamrocks at 120.

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Originally Posted by PeteSmith View Post
Thanks for the advice so far,

Ive already got a pair of sailing wellies, they are comfortable but they dont offer much support,

Please keep the advice coming...

I find the Gill tall boots have much more support than any other rubber sailing wellies I have ever had. But, as I said earlier, they're not as good as they used to be (slightly less reinforcing pieces round the ankle and on top of the foot) though still better than the rest I think. If you've got the Gill's and need still more support I'll be interested to know if you manage to find what you need.

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Originally Posted by PeteSmith View Post

3) I find on the (Dubarry) website very little mention of "Marine" use, they may work well in a muddy field shooting wildlife etc but theres no pictures of boots in use at sea.....
Maybe the salt destroys the stitching?
Well .. I think this says more about their website than the intended use of thir boots. To give you an idea, Dubarry have sponsored the most recent J24 European and National Championships. Also in the Europeans the highest placed 5 crews all got Dubarry boots as a prize. I don't think that Dubarry would be having such an expensive involvement in sailing if Marine usage was not intended

Also a member of the ebay Blue RIB cover club
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I confess to being a yachty of some 25yrs and have probably owned most makes and models of footwear. I have only been rhibbing for 6 years, but my Henri Lloyd TP1's do a grand job for both activities. Great insulation and a thicker than normal sole for that impact resistance. Breathable leather, water proof, good looking etc etc. Dubbary IMHO, = overpriced crap. Had 2 pairs in recent years, 1 pair leaked like a seive, the linings came out of the other and I had to cut them off my feet!
P.S. My last visit to the local swindlery coincided with a visit from the Dubarry rep who had come to collect a couple of pairs of fastnets that had just fallen apart! I think he said they are now made in China or somewhere equally obscure.
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Have had many different boots over 20 years and found the Dubbary Ultima the best so far. I have had my latest Dubarry's for 9 years of professional use. Had them resoled when the original sole wore out. Customer service was excellent. Worth the price
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I have a pair of Chattam quayside boots. (not flashie i know!) they look mostly like Dubarys and do the same thing but cost a half the price.

I bought them a few years ago when i was launching Zippy from trailers. they were fantastic then, walm and dry even when almost completly covered. never looked after them and they are still walm and dry in all conditions.

in the past i have not used the ribs in the winter but will be using both the rib and the boots this winter. will also be getting another pair for my girlfriend at SBS tomorrow.
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The Missus and I sport a pair of these each,
Her's are fur-lined. They're hardcore commercial fisherman clobber. She loves them and they're non-marking. I also have a pair of salty Dubarry Shamrock's if I need to posh it up on a ' blow along'.
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Thanks to all for the advice, I guess its a trip to the shops to try some on, I'll let you know what I go for in the end.


Pete Smith
Eco Tourism Rides from Newhaven, East Sussex.
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