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RYA Information

I am interested to hear your views, opinions and thoughts on if you think the RYA are a true representive of motorboating.

should there be a seperate governing body operating on the motorboaters behalf ? Alan P

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I am sure it started because people started to buy and run their own sailing boats. Motor boats in private use came along later.
The problem is it feels like a yachting association with a bit of "motor boat" glued on.
The problem is, if you have a separate organisation set up, then you create a schism in the boating world which is unlikely to be positive and helpful.
Because "we" have so much in common, perhaps the RYA ought to become the PBA (Pleasure Boat-owners Assn) ?
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I must agree with Brian. Starting a new association, club, organisation.....whatever, will enivetably end up with a wider split between the two. The name should be changed to reflect what the organisation is all about - i.e. pleasure boating. This will not necessarily address all the problems, but psychologically it will go a long way in redressing the imbalance in favour of the yachties currently.
This is simply my opinion, you might not agree!
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I am in favour of the RMA - Royal Motorboat Association.
Alan, you could be the chairman. I suggest a membership fee similar to the RYA so that you get a decent salary.
I would put myself forward to represent Ribbers but I would expect many to volunteer knowing how we all like a glass of champers.
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I think historically that the RYA were not truly representative of motorboating and it played second fiddle to yachting & small boat sailing, today though I think it is different and there are a variety of reasons for this.

Before commenting further I should admit a vested interest insofar as I am Principal of an RYA powerboat/shorebased school & a Powerboat Trainer, that said despite this I’m big enough & ugly enough to form my own views and therefore and always quite happy to throw in my thoughts – good & bad – on aspects of the RYA.

As you are no doubt aware the pro-bono work McKinsey did for the RYA a year or two ago made it clear to the RYA (note they do not actually now use the term ‘Royal Yachting Association’ very often – seemingly a conscious decision for just the reason touched on by others above) that motorboating/powerboating was the real growth area going forward but it was not adequately represented internally versus sailing. The result was Jon Mendez’s appointment as Chief Powerboat & Motorboat Instructor. Change always takes a while to permeate through but my understanding from speaking to a variety of people at the RYA is that there is now no way powerboating is secondary, courses are being overhauled (The National Powerboat Scheme is being overhauled & updated) and the lobbying that occurs to prevent more regulation is done equally in the name of all boaters (I was actually surprised to find out how much time is spent ensuring other bodies do not impose inappropriate regulation on us)

So overall I think on balance the RYA does represent us well, it can do a host of things better but the key (in my view) to improving is a realisation that change is needed and there is no doubt in my mind that that process is ongoing. The burden of fighting the increasing legislation impacting all aspects of life is too onerous for motorboaters & sailors to fight individually so I for one advocate the RYA as the right people to represent motorboating with the caveat that we must make sure they know what we think & want. Jon is very approachable and has listened to plenty of my suggestions & thoughts and I know is keen to hear everyone’s views (I’m sure he’d love your emails

I don’t mean to sound like a walking billboard for the RYA but having given Rodd Carr a hard time at the Boatshow a couple of years ago credit where credit is due and I have see first hand the change starting & continuing to occur so lets hope the RYA do continue to act for us else boating will be a less fun and more onerous pastime.

Paul Glatzel
Powerboat Training UK, Poole & Lymington & Aquasafe Powerboat School, Lymington,
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Alan, my gut reaction is a vehement NO.

One of the (to me) cherished aspects of British liesure craft use is that we are not in the UK subjected to too many rules and regulations. Long may that last! And there is strength in the predominantly sail-led RYA voice to keep it that way.

A separate power boat association would be far more likely to sucumb to demands for legally enforced rules, regulations and mandatory qualifications. The demand from power boaters to regulate elements within their own ranks - as evidenced by the not infrequent debates that takes place on this Forum - will only become louder.

And that is not surprising. I have to agree that a powerboat (such as a jetski machine) is far more potentially lethal in the hands of an unqualified and reckless driver than a sailboat (such as a windsurfer).

If you are in favour of regulation, then dividing boating representaion into segments will lead the power boaters inevitably towards legally enforced rules.

And I personally detest the inexorable erosion of freedom in all our lives.
Mike G
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And I personally detest the inexorable erosion of freedom in all our lives.
Amen to that Mike.

Keith (don't start me on that one again) Hart
Small boat - BIG truck
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Thanks for all your replys and please keep them coming.
Perhaps I could ask your views on the name of the govering body. Do you think that a name more appropriate to the activities the organisation promotes would be beter suited ? ie The Royal Boating Association (or such). I do have a very good reason for asking these questions so thanks for your input. Alan P
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It may not be a good idea to change the name as you may loose any recognition from non watery types, but how about RYMA - Royal Yachting and Motorboating Association.

Its all got to go - make me an offer...............

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RYA my thoughts

Being fairly new to ribbing and having just joined the RYA i'm very interested to know why they will quite happily take your money for all sorts of things but have no real recogntion of small powered craft, so far i've had to join to get sea start rescue ! i've paid £19 to recieve a naff looking VHF license and i'm reluctant to cough up the amount they want for the official PBL2 certificate, then we get to official RYA courses, surely it would be an idea to include all course materials, i.e books and literature when you par take in an official RYA course !! having complete other courses through work you normally turn up and get furnished with everything and at the end get a jazzy looking certificate to hang on your wall, ok so this may all be to keep down the costs and yes i know we get a discount on books and course notes.

At the end of the day i'm all for teaching people the right way to go boating and the RYA does this very well with courses set up for every level.


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