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Originally Posted by carrich9073 View Post
Thanks for the replies. Trying to keep a long story short, they are claiming to have taken the boat for a test run once having received it and i had fully explained the engine had opened throttle fully by itself when coming off of a swell, and also throttled up slightly as i came to take the boat out of the water so i had killed the engine and paddled the remaining short distance. They say that the boat took off as they went to put it on the trailer and hit the trailer! The rip is at the rear left of the boat about 2m from the cone and is about 10" x 10" torn as half a square if that makes sense. I allowed them to do a repair as they said they could match it with the other seams on the tube. (doesnt look too bad). However, next to the repair is a scratch that once launched the boat, i was snorkelling underneath and noticed it was leaking slightly. I informed them the day after picking it up by email and had no response,waited a month and tried again, responded saying will come back to me later once the owner comes back to the yard, another month and nothing so i contact my insurance company and once they contact them, they email me offering to send me adhesive!!! They have now been ringing me saying they want the boat back to assess it and a really not happy dealing with solicitors etc. and the boat hasn't been devalued!! Firstly i don't see how the boat got damaged in only that area if the trailer is in the water and it has "taken off" and why such a big reluctancy to deal with insurance/solicitors other than having no insurance? The boat is a 2004 Bombard DB600 with 70 hrs on it, (Very clean and looked like new) hence I am really not a happy bunny and the insurance seem useless asking where to call to get a quote for a retube? Do any of you have any idea how much a retube would roughly cost? Sorry if i am ranting on but very frustrating and annoying. Thanks


It's been a while, any new news? Did the insurance companies come through? And did the shop who are responsible for the damage finally make things right or ?

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Basically, they have been trying to contact me direct, which they have been asked not to do by the solicitors several times and on the one occasion i accidentally answered it to them he told me he wanted the boat brought back to him for assessment as the glue probably hadn't adhered properly, even though i repeatedly told him it was an additional scratch that was leaking the air. He then proceeded to tell me that it was rubbish that the boat had been devalued at all and that he will not and refuses to deal with insurance / solicitors as it will cost myself and him a lot of money!
He has since been told a 5th time not to contact me directly and all correspondence is to go through the solicitor, and i have heard nothing for about 3 weeks. I will chase them up soon but currently have family matters to deal with. Basically the guy aggravated me even more and would not listen to much i had to say

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This does seem to have become very messy, basically it sounds like the damage has not been patched internally. Zodiac / Bombard PVC fabric needs to be patched inside and out, otherwise the air simply travels along the nylon weave of the fabric and then comes out through the outer PVC fabric where it has been scratched or compromised.

As to whether the boat should be patched or retubed is a moot point. A compromise would have been to patch and match if it is in a suitable position. The repair could have been disguised as "go faster stripe" or something similar.

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Originally Posted by carrich9073 View Post
i have heard nothing for about 3 weeks. I will chase them up soon but currently have family matters to deal with.
I appreciate that other matters make take priority but I wouldn't leave it too long so that there is no danger of you being deemed to have accepted the repair.

You dont say where you are located but it could be worth taking the rib to a local tube builder/repairer to get an opinion on the quality of the repair.
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